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One ordinary blue backed pack of cards and 2 red backed cards with matching faces. Place one of the red backers on the bottom of the blue pack and place the pack in its case (assume the card to be the 6 Spades). The other red backer is placed in your pocket. The face of this card is never seen.




1. Remove the pack from box and shuffle retaining bottom card. Explain that you have a prediction card in your pocket. Remove red backer and drop on top of pack as you point out the difference in back colour. Now double lift and turn over showing say the Ace of Hearts. Hand the spectator a pen and have him write your own inititials on the face, then turn double face down again and pick off top card only. Fold this card into quarters by first folding the card lengthwise then in half again. Make sure the face is not seen. Place this folded prediction card into the card case and place the case on the table with the flap open and to the top.

2. You now force the face card of the pack by a way in which the back is not seen. I use the Hindu Shuffle or the crossing the cut force. Have the spectator sign his name on the face of this card, the 6 spades. Place the halves together and control the card to the bottom of the pack.

3. Now do my "Positive Card Fold" (see End Notes).

4. At the finish of stage 3 you will be left with a pressure fan in the left hand and the folded

6 spades in the right. Scan the fan for the Ace of Hearts and withdraw it with the right hand. Place pack aside. Do not show the face of the card in hand but miscall it as the 6 spades.

5. Emphasise the fact that the red backed prediction, the Ace of Hearts was placed in the case before you started and that it bears your initials. Place the Ace of Hearts face down on the spectators palm and pick up card case with left hand. Insert right fingers into case and apparently withdraw prediction card, really palmed card. All that's left to do is show the strange transposition.


This is based on an idea of Tom Batchelor's From Canadian Card Control, page 39.

The card to be folded is on the bottom of the pack. Place the pack on the table in position for a riffle shuffle and proceed as folio ws:-

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Fundamentals of Magick

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