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Included by popular demand is the famous Larry Jennings CHOP CUP ROUTINE - the one that fooled the experts. The two large load balls seem to come from nowhere! Acclaimed as the best Chop Cup routine in existance. Again many fine line drawings have been added to make the important details clear.

While some of the effects take advanced technical ability, most can be done with average skill and many are self working.

This W>k is typeset, fully illustrated with fine line drawings and a photographic frontispiece of Larry Jennings. Offset printed on a heavy grade paper with a glossy cover in two

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Oakland, California, 94612 U.S.A.

or from your favorite dealer.

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I have just been watching a TV programme about antiques. The interesting thing as far as we are concerned is that they showed a mid-nineteenth century autometer of a monkey-cum-magician which raised and lowered a cover on the table. Under the cover were dice which presumably changed size, number or perhaps colour. Alas, we will never know as, like many of his kind, the director of the show did not seem to know what interests the public. First, they appeared not to have anyone there who was. capable of making the thing work properly (and it was in working condition), and secondly when they finally did get it started the director concentrated on a close up shot of the monkey 's head moving from side to side whilst the real action on the table top was taking place out of camera. I am a TV addict, but this is one of the occasions when I hated it.


I had a very interesting conversation the other day with John Booth. John, as many of you will remember, was the author of several magic books, notably Forging Ahead in Magic and Marvels of Mystery. There were a couple of other smaller ones of slightly less importance, but none the less very worthwhile. I was interested to hear from him that in the days when he was working as a professional entertainer back in the middle thirties to middle forties, John appeared in many prominent hotels and night clubs in the United States. One thing he told me, and I had never heard of this before, was that sometimes when he was in an hotel for an engagement lasting maybe 3 or 4 weeks, or even one week, that the big trick was to get the management of the hotel to 'hold you over'. This is an American expression meaning that they will keep you at the hotel week after week after week. Needless to say you had to change your act slightly, but the big secret was how he convinced the manager to hold him over.

John had a very interesting method, and this was to use Close-up Magic. After his act he used to entertain the patrons at the tables. There were table-tents with his photograph and name saying that he would come and entertain them for several minutes at their table. John tells me he did one or two card tricks, perhaps a mind-reading trick, and the 3 Shell Game which was one of his favourites. The interesting thing here is that he was actually using close-up magic to gain further employment with a stand-up act, which is quite a twist, I think.

By the time you read this the IBM Harrogate Convention will be over. Unfortunately, I was not able to be there for many reasons. First I was too busy, secondly I am no longer a member of the IBM, which is a great pity because I used to enjoy the Conventions. I have, of course, had my spies out and have been hearing about the shows and Close-up Competition, who won which prizes.

One thing that pleased me was that Doug Alker was doing a stand-up act. I think the whole concept of the act was very funny indeed, as did most of the Conventionees present.

I was also more than pleased to hear that the Gala Show was exceptionally good, because after last year at Brighton when I felt the show had reached an all-time low I thought that maybe this was the end, maybe the IBM had thrown me out at the right time, when it was dying on its feet. But in fact they hadn't, and this year they appear to have excelled themselves.

I believe, no that isn't true, I have been informed that my name was mentioned at the Annual General Meeting. Apparently there was a move afoot to have The Pageboy reinstated as a member of the British Ring. I have had at least four different reports of what was said and I have not quite been able to put it all together because each version is slightly different. Whichever version is correct I would like to say thank you very much to those who appeared to talk in my favour, and thank you again to those who said 'hear hear' when my reinstatement was suggested.

Only one terrible thought occurs to me and that is: is there going to be an apology? If so, who is going to apologise? Is it me? Is it the General Committee of the IBM? Is it some members of the Committee? I don't know the answer. Let me say this much, there is going to have to be an apology. I believe one person at the Convention remarked "One day I'm going to tell the real story of why Patrick Page was expelled from the IBM." Now this intrigues me as I have always been convinced that I was not expelled for my so-called blunder in publishing a magic book. I have always been convinced there was another personal reason. I think I know it but so far it has never been mentioned.

At this stage I would like to make one small point. I was commissioned to write a magic book. An artist was commissioned to do the pictures. After the hoo-ha I was expelled. The artist is still a member of the IBM. No-one has ever mentioned it to him.


Patrick Page

Pabular is published after the second week in every month and is printed by Instance Printers, Paddock Wood, Kent, England. Subscriptions may be obtained direct from the publishers. Pabular, P.O. Box 180, London SE12 8JJ or through many magic dealers. Price 60 pence per copy (or US Si.25) surface post included. Air Mail extra (US $0.50) per copy or (US $6.00).per year. Editorial or content copy should be sent to Fred Robinson, 1 Crescent Court, 24 Crescent Road, New Barnet, Herts, England. Advertising rates sent on request — smalls 3 pence per word (US 10 cents). Dealer enquiries welcomed. Reproductions of old prints and historical magical items by kind permission of Tony Faro.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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