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each card place it blank side uppermost onto the table.

The person who called the number is now asked to deal that number of cards from the top of the pack face downwards into a single pile onto the table. He is then requested to pick up these cards and deal them into three heaps, one for each of them as if to play a hand of cards.

You next hand each assistant a card and ask them in turn to read out aloud the name of the card written on it, and then turn the top card of their heap face up — in each case the card is the one you had written on the blank — proving? that you have a remarkable memory.


Any pack of cards, some blank cards or pieces of paper and a writing instrument.


When memorising? the order of the pack after they have been shuffled commit to memory the bottom three as you hold the cards face up — the three which will be at the top when the pack is turned face down. If the procedure is followed as outlined in the description of the effect there will be a memorised card at the top of each heap. The last card dealt will be the top card of the pack before the assistant started dealing the first single heap. This knowledge will enable you to give your assistants the written card which corresponds to their top cards.

The effect should be presented as a feat of memory which in my own experience invariably creates favourable comment. To present it as just a card trick it will have the impact of — just another card trick.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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