Tickets Veease

My good friend Dick Simonds who died recently used to pull a very funny stunt some years ago when travelling on the buses in Liverpool. Here it is. Every time Dick bought a ticket he would roll it into a little ball and clip it between his fingers and there it would remain until he reached journeys end, when he would drop it in his overcoat pocket.

Now, eventually the pocket had quite a collection of balled up tickets, but sooner or later an inspector would get on, and it was then that the stunt was pulled.

"Tickets please" called the inspector, and Dick, looking absent minded and a little confused would reach into his pocket and produce his collection of tickets. He then fumbled amongst them and apparently selected one (it was of course the current one clipped between his fingers), this was carefully opened and handed to the inspector!

I reckon this is the sort of thing Clarke Crandall would love.

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