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I thought up this next effect whilst staying in Halmstad at a friend's home.

You'll need two blank faced cards and an Ace and Three of the same suit. All the backs are the same colour.

Let's assume that by now you've rumaged through your drawer of loose cards and found an Ace and Three of Clubs and the two blank faced cards. Set them from top down in the order .. . blank faced card, Ace, Blank faced card, Three. (The cards are face down with the Three at the bottom.)

Have the cards either in a small plastic holder an envelope or even your pocket and you're ready to perform.

Begin by having a card freely selected from your regular deck. Any card can be selected so long as it's the Three of Clubs!! (Force it.) Have the selection tabled face up to one side and place the deck away. Introduce the four card packet and explain that you have only four cards as you patter, reverse the order of the cards and count them from hand to hand.

So far, four backs have been seen.

Explain that in a few seconds you will try to print a replica of the selection with the aid of these cards.

Buckle-turnover three cards as one and the Ace will be seen. Flip the trio face down'and deal the top card face down to the table.

Buckle-turnover two cards and the Ace will be seen again but the spectator will assume that you have two identical Aces. Flip the duo face down and again deal the top card from the packet and onto the other tabled card. Buckle-tumover one card and yet another? Ace will be seen. Flip it face down and deal it atop the other two cards.

Finally flip over the fourth card and it is seen to be completely blank. Explain that you will print the replica of the selection on the face of this card but first the card has to be tested in order that its magical potential can be assessed. (Load of garbage!!)

Place the blank faced card face up on your table to one side and pick up the three cards from the table. Remove the centre card, without showing its face and explain that you will place one of the Aces to one side. Pick up the blank faced card, flip it face down and place it to the bottom of the other assumed Aces. Quickly reverse the order of the three face down cards and comment that the blank card is somewhere amongst the three cards. Click your fingers, wave your wand or whatever else takes your fancy and then show that you have in fact got three Aces in your hand. You do so by use of the Hamman Flushtration count, sometimes referred to as All-backs count.

This in effect reverses the order of the three cards and shows that they are all Aces.

Explain that it seems to have worked and so saying, flip over the tabled card and it will be the blank faced card.

The illusion is that the blank faced card somehow changed places with the assumed tabled Ace.

Offer to repeat the strange transposition. Thumb off the lower card of the three in your hand to the table as an apparent Ace and position the blank faced card face down between the other two cards.

Slowly reverse the order of the cards and ask where the blank faced card is. The answer should be . . . " Between the two Aces."

You now show that the bottom card is an Ace and so is the top card. The blank card must be in the middle but when you remove it, it is another Ace.

This ruse is the well known Mario 'QUICKS-WAY DISPLAY'.

Replace the Ace between the other two cards and flip the tabled card face up to reveal the blank faced card again.

You are now set for the finale.

Explain that the blank faced card has proven itself and now you will attempt to print the selected card.

Suddenly realise that, in a way, you have 1194

already predicted the card he selected as the three Aces equal the value of his selection and the suit is the same.

Explain that you have thought of an easier way of printing his card, you simply have to cause the Aces to merge together like this Place the blank faced card face down at the bottom of the face down packet, flip the packet face up and Elmsley count.

This will display one printed card amongst three blank faced cards and the printed card is the Three of Clubs!

Up-jog and remove the card during the count. Table it face up next to the selection. Victor count the three face up cards as three blank faced cards, flip them face down and deal them one at a time to the table displaying the backs and finally, pick up the two Three of Clubs one in each hand, show the backs and the effect is over.

You can obviously use a Two and a Six or even a Three and a Nine but the cards must be of the same suit.


For this effect you'll need three cards depicting the illustrations shown in Fig:l.

If you are gifted, you may be able to make these cards yourself using regular Blank-Faced cards. For those who aren't . . . Supreme Magic Co. have a set of cards which are ideal. I don't know the name of the trick they are used for but I think Ken DeCourcy provided Supreme's routine.

Take a look at the designs in Fig:l and you'll recognise them as the symbols normally found on loo doors.

The lady symbol should be red and the gentleman symbol black.

You'll need two Blank-faced cards and one Double Blank card. (Blank on both sides.) On the two Blank-faced cards draw one of each symbol and on the Double-Blank card draw one of each symbol on either side.

Note* If you like you could write the words "Gentlemen' and 'Ladies' on the cards instead of the designs.


From top-down. Lady card face down, Gentlemen card face down and finally the Double-Blank card with the Lady side uppermost.


The main move in the routine is the Victor count. This shows two surfaces as three and is quite similar to the Jordan count. Briefly Hold the three cards face down in your left hand in Jordan/Elmsley count position. Draw off the top card into your right hand, then appear to draw the next card onto this but in reality, place both cards from the left hand onto the single card in the right hand and immediately draw back the single card into the left hand. It appears that you have counted the second card onto the first. Finally count the remaining card from the left hand onto the two in the right hand and the count is over.

It appears that you have reverse counted three face down cards from your left to your right hand. The Double-Faced card is hidden throughout and the order of the cards is the same as when the count started.

Flip the packet face up and repeat the count to show three Gentlemen cards. The next move is easy to perform, though difficult to describe. Hold the packet in dealing position in your left hand.

Thumb off the face card, cards are face up, into your right hand. Now, with your left thumb, pivot the other two cards face down and thumb off the top card of the face down pair onto the single face up card in your right hand. Flip the final face down card face up and place it onto the other two.-

This has the result of reversing the centre card of the three. Finally flip the upper face up card of the three face down and end with a Victor count to show all three cards face down. This is of course not what should be seen as the lower card should still be face up but if you patter before the Victor count for a few seconds, this discrepancy will go unnoticed.

Let's call this series of moves the revolve sequence.

That's all you need to know in order to perform the routine.


Start with the cards set and comment that you'd like to tell them a short story about a man in a foreign country who was trying to find the toilet in a large, exclusive restaurant.

Explain that the man was told to go down three flights of stairs and he'd find three doors clearly marked 'Gentlemen'.

To accompany these words, you victor count the cards face down and then face up. So, you continue, he went down the three floors and found three doors.

Perform the revolve sequence followed by the Victor count with the cards now face down. Continue . . . But when he looked at the signs on the doors, he found that they were all 'Ladies'. Victor count the cards face up and three 'Ladies' signs are seen. So, he went back up the three flights of stairs and told the man that all three doors were for Ladies. This is the .revolve sequence again with a face down Victor count.

The man was amazed and he repeated that at the bottom of the stairs were three doors all marked 'Gentlemen'. Victor count again face down, flip the packet face up and Victor count and three 'Gentlemen' signs are seen.

You now continue that he again went down the stairs etc. etc.

Repeat the procedure about 3 or 4 times, each time increasing in speed.

Finally explain that the man offered to take him to the toilets and end with the statement . . .* It's too late, I've already been!!"


Don't start reading this article unless you intend to finish reading it now. If you read it half way through and then stop to watch TV or have a cup of tea, you are sure to get the wrong end of of the stick.

Just how long is it since I told you a tale of woe? You've heard about my sciatica, my car, a dog biting me etc. Well here's a new one. A couple of nights ago, accompanied by my wife and Ricky Jay from California, I went to see a show at the Shaw Theatre here in London. After the show we went to collect my car which was parked opposite the theatre, to find that one of the windows had been smashed in and a large cardboard carton and plastic shopping bag Was missing. They had been lying on the back seat in full view and were probably too tempting for a car thief.

I called the police and while we were waiting for them to arrive we had a look round the area, within a hundred yards or so. My wife found the plastic shopping bag which contained a few magic props. It had been discarded in an alley. Ricky Jay found nothing, and I just stood there crying. I had remembered what was in the cardboard box.

I have a lot of stuff in private storage in London, and about a week ago I collected some of it and took it home. The box was part of it and I left it in the car until I decided what I was going to do with it. That box contained original, unedited reel to reel tape recordings. There were perhaps four or five hours of Fred Kaps talking to Cy Endfield, Ken Brooke, Vic Pinto and yours truly. There were tapes of Charlie Miller talking to Jay Marshall, Jay Marshall rapping with you know who, you know who with Vernon, and lectures by Finn Jon and Johnny Thompson. Unreleased Trik A Tape routines and Lord knows what else. Some of them I had not seen or heard for several years. I just can't remember all of the contents of those tapes, There were interviews with David Roth and many others who had attended the Ramsay Reunion. All original recordings and all unreleased, and they were gone.

The police arrived, took details and advised me that the chances of ever getting them back were remote. They departed , and we drove around for ten or fifteen minutes hoping we could find them, but we didn't. We had a meal, then I took Ricky back to his hotel, and my wife and I drove slowly home, with me cursing myself, car thieves, London and anything or anyone else I could lay my tongue to. And that was that. And as Mrs Lincoln once said, "I didn't like the show either".

There was no way that my insurance claim could compensate me for what I had lost. I was a fool for leaving them on the back seat of the car, I was a fool for not having unloaded the car initially, I was a fool I was a fool I was a fool. I was sad, I was angry, I was going out of my mind. It didn't help when I remembered there was around eight or nine hours of material by my late close friend Maurice Fogel. The more I thought about it the worse the situation became.

The first thing I did when I got home was to dig out another large box of tapes I have. I wanted to go through them to see If I could figure out exactly what tapes had been stolen. You kow what? I found two large boxes of tapes. That's right. I had found all the tapes I have just been talking about. I still had them.

So what was in the large box in the back seat of my car? That's the most frustrating thing of all. I don't know. I've been making wild guesses ever since. I have pretty good idea idea of what it could be but I am still not sure. I don't know. I never will know.

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