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The south of France was my destination. You know the place don't you? Nice, Cannes, Brigitte Bardot, topless sun-bathing and all those other mundane things which we hot-dogs specialise in. I was to be the guest for a few days of Philippe Fialho and his lovely wife Anne. They have a son Philippe junior but he is an odd-ball. He must be an odd-ball. He isn't interested in magic. Can you imagine that? He has a father who eats, sleeps and drinks magic, and a mother who likes magic and neither of them have forced him to learn even one single card trick. And as you will know, dear reader, this is no way to bring up a child. All magicians' offspring should be made to practice 100 doublelifts a day and if they can't do it cut their fingers off. Come to think of it, it's a pity someone hadn't cut off some of their parents fingers when they were young, then maybe they would have become tap-dancers. I digress. I apologise.

Back to the Fialho's. They live just outside Nice in an almost mountain-top home with a stunning view in almost any direction you wish. Anne is an excellent cook and if chef is a better word then she is an excellent chef too. What ' more could a Flying Sorceror (that's me, remember) ask for. Great digs, great grub and Fialho, the greatest magic nut of all time, for a host.

Philippe is a Brother Hammon afficionado and with justification. Brother John has spent several holidays in Nice and has shown Philippe many or probably all, of his routines, and some of them would give the uninitiated brain damage just trying to find a starting point from which to work them out. Philippe Fialho can do them all, perfectly. If you take my advice you will brush up on your Brother Hammon routines because there is a lot more to come that have not as yet seen the light of day.

My reason for being in this part of the world was to present what I refer to as 'my lecture' in Nice and Marseille and despite the language problem (theirs, not mine) I think they were successful. Come to think of it they were successful — I got paid. And although I am not a particularly mercenary type of person that, as they say, is the name of the game amongst the roasting canines.

I also spent one day in Cannes in the company of a young lady called Zena Noel. Zena is blond and beautiful and hails from Blackpool, England. She showed me some of the sights in Cannes and we took a trip to St Tropez to look at the wash-house, and if you want to understand that line you'll have to fly jet baby. Zena has a husband, Alain Noel, profession: magician. He tagged along with us to drive the car and pick up restaurant tabs. Alain started selling books in France, magic books that is. There appears to be a shortage and that is probably due to the fact that most Frenchmen are too lazy to speak English. That is not a criticism but a statement of fact; in the same way the average Englishman is too lazy to speak French. Perhaps some author will come up with a scheme whereby magic tricks can be taught exclusively with illustrations and absolutely no text at all. It could probably be done with various props but sleight of hand would be the problem. Alain isn't quite sure at the moment whether he wants to become a millionaire overnight or not. He says maybe he'll become a magic dealer and do it the slow way.

One thing I noticed in France as well as in other countries, is the tremendous interest there is in platform and stage magic. But all is not as it appears because as far as I can see the average semi-pro or amateur rarely does a stage or platform show, it's probably all close-up. Somehow, although many would like to, the opportunities are just not there. There are probably few countries in the world with the amount of venues that we have here in Britain especially when you take in all the working men's clubs, factory clubs etc. In the old days they said you have to have somewhere to be bad in. That rule still applies fortunately here in this country. Let's hope it stays that way for a long time to come.


Patrick Page

Robert Harbin Rest In Peace.

New and different close-up magic t ¿QCfcett*

New and different close-up magic coin magic with a gambling flavour

Performer shows a set of three "Find the Lady" cards, but they are locked together with a padlock in a transparent plastic wallet! Spectator unlocks cards and takes charge of padlock and keys.

A short, entertaining three card monte effect follows, the spectator gambling with his own marked and initiaHed coin. He wins on several occasions so performer decides to make the game more difficult. The coin is hidden under one of the cards and spectator challenged to find both the "Lady" and his coin. This time he fails. His coin has completely vanished. Card is turned over, it now bears an illustrated message. Spectator removes keys from his pocket and finds his own marked coin sealed within the key-fob and he himself may remove it.

Everything may be examined. Comes complete with everything needed to work right away, specially printed and regular cards. Key fob and ring. Keys padlock and punched plastic wallet.

Very easy to do, your audience is guaranteed to be dumbfounded.

Send today while present stocks last at this low, low price. £3.25 $6.50

Devised and routined \Geoff Maltby_

In February this year I managed to spend a few days in Paris. There I saw a magician do a wonderful card trick. It had me beat completely. Since that time I have not been well and had to take things a bit easy.

Three weeks ago the magician, Gaetan Bloom from Paris, came here and we've had a wonderful time. It is always a pleasure to get something new, something interesting and above all ENTERTAINING. Bloom told me I could have that trick, the one he showed me in Paris, THE ONE THAT HAD ME COMPLETELY BAFFLED.

Here it is then. Not got a name for it yet, that does not matter. It is GAETAN BLOOM'S TRICK. It's a close-up trick and is not suitable for stage. But if you are looking for SOMETHING OF HIGH ENTERTAINMENT VALUE - DONE UNDER THE PERFECT EXCUSE - TRY THIS ONE - IT IS SOLD ON A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE TO THOSE KNOWN TO US.

ENGLAND ONLY £3.25. EUROPE £3.50. U.S.A. $10.00 Air Mailed.


Some weeks ago we bought the stock of ROY JOHNSON'S book 'LECTURE EXTRA'. We have been selling it to a number of callers during that time. We advertised it, not many sent for it. WE AGAIN ADVERTISE IT HERE.

In all, some seven tricks are described. Each is a brilliant bit of Roy's magic. Each is simple and to the point. One thing is for sure, a brilliant trick called CREDIT TRANSFER, which is simple to make, simple in execution. IT HAS A MIRACLE FINISH THAT EVEN YOU WON'T BELIEVE . . . CAN I TEMPT YOU? . . . Yes, it is a booklet and to those known to us ... IT IS ON A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

ENGLAND £1.75. EUROPE £2.00. U.S.A. S5.00 AIR MAILED

Lists cost 75p, U.S.A. S2.00 or S3.00 cheque. We do not send lists out for free. Postage and the printing of them cost money. No money, no stamp, no reply.

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one in a million

Barrie Richardson

This is a telephone test particularly suitable to entertain a small group at a party or for a publicity demonstration.

A large city telephone directory is handed to a spectator, preferably a' lady. She is asked to run her thumb over the edges of the pages and stop whenever she pleases. The performer takes the directory and announces the page number so randomly arrived at as 261. The book is closed and handed to a second spectator to whom you say, "Will you please open the book at page 261 and hold it open on your lap." The performer helps during this procedure and takes a paper clip from the back cover and fastens it over a few pages ostensibly to mark the page selected.

Performer now says to spectator, "Will you please close your eyes and move your index finger slowly down the page until you wish to stop right there, if you wish you can move your position one up or one down, or begin afresh you are going to stay with your choice. This is where you stopped — one household out of a million — will you please read out aloud the name — "John F. Schilling" — and the address please — 130E, 25th Street". You have selected a Mr John Schilling of 25th Street. What is Mr Schilling's telephone number — 392 6571 — please repeat the number 392 6571."

A copy of yesterday's newspaper is opened and there is a personal advert which reads — Schilling 392 6571.

The revelation can be made on a tape recorder, in a locked box or written on a large sign. It has a stunning effect on a lay audience and offers considerable scope for showmanship.

To achieve the effect both the page and telephone number are forced. Find a page in the directory which has all the same surnames in the right hand column of a right hand page choosing a fairly uncommon name.

The number is forced by the use of an old principle in a new setting. Cut out a telephone number from a similar directory and provide yourself with a paper clip of larger than average size. To the edges of the inner part of this clip affix the cut out number using white glue and when dry trim off the surplus paper (see sketch). Push this gimmicked clip onto the back cover of the directory and prepare your revelation by placing your advert, taping the prediction or making any other preparation necessary according to how you intend to reveal the name and phone number. You are then ready to __ perform the experiment.

Modus Operandi:

First, the page is forced using the old Walter G. Gibson-Dunninger method. When the spectator stops running his thumb over the edges of the pages take the directory from him. Hold up the book with page facing the audience and giving them your most honest look point to the number and miscall it as 261. There are numerous alternative methods of forcing a page but I have found that the 'miscall' to be the cleanest approach.

The placing of the clip on the pages appears to the audience to be quite innocuous and arouses no suspicions in the minds of the spectators. I merely pull the clip off the back cover and clip it to the top right hand corner of four or five pages without comment. Previously I used to announce what I was doing but for some reason it looks quite normal and makes any observation unnecessary.

A big thing is made of the spectator moving her finger down the page. The spectator is generally nervous and the slow movement seems like an eternity. If for some reason she does not stop before reaching the bottom of the page ask her to move her finger slowly back up the page.

At the point where she stops ask her to call out the name, which you repeat. Now boldly move the clip down to the selection covering the true phone number with the one stuck onto the paper clip. You now ask for the address as you look to make certain that the clip is properly aligned. Repeat the address and point to the telephone number encircled in the clip i.e. 392 6571 asking her to read it out, and repeat it. Take away the directory and conclude by dramatically revealing your prediction.

In this presentation the approach is bold and direct. When this trick is done with flair and apparent candour the results are outstanding. This is one stunt I personally regard so highly that I reserve it for special occasions.


Fred Robinson

This issue is devoted almost entirely to the mental type magic of Barrie Richardson, a disciple of the school of Annemann who believes that the effect is everything using the simplest possible method and relying upon achieving the greatest possible impact by using showmanship to dramatise the situation.

The following are some personal perceptions of himself. What he is not — a technical expert — complicated — user of fancy equipment — mechanical — extremely serious — considered a conjurer or magician by his audiences — a magician's magician.

What he is — simple direct — dramatic — believable — entertaining — perplexing and sometimes inspiring.

His professional routine consists of lecture demonstrations on 'Magic of the Mind' — demonstrations of mnemonics, contact telepathy, lateral and creative thinking. It is material under these headings that he performs professionally for business groups, professional associations, marketing and management sessions and for private functions.

No doubt some may consider the methods 'old hat' and fail to appreciate the value of the material for use when performing for lay persons. For instance there are more 'ingenious' ways of forcing two cards than the simple business of having the pack cut and the bottom half crossed over the original top half, (the method used in 'The Undisturbed Deck Prediction) but they would be less direct. Even the classic force would be less effective due to the fact that the performer is in possession of the cards when they are being chosen, whereas in the 'crossed halves' method the cards are out of the hands of the performer leaving the spectator free to cut the pack wherever he wishes for the selection. When reflecting on this trick later spectators will be under the impression that the performer 'never touched the cards' — a strong point in any card effect.

The object of the above preamble is to indicate the approach to magic adopted by Barrie Richardson and to give some idea of the aspect from which the material he has generously given to us should be studied. That all the material is practical is unquestioned and as the technical requirements are not excessive most readers will find at least one effect they can use. They will, of course, require to be acted out with showmanship in order to obtain the greatest impact, which is the point I am trying to make.

Still with mentalism and the like, and to assure anyone who may be reading this far down the column that it is not too difficult to impress the uninitiated with your 'powers' provided people are unaware that you are a conjurer. One has only to review what has appeared in the media over the past months.

Since the psychic surgeons of the Fiji Islands we have had among others the Bermuda Triangle, an area from which ships and aeroplanes disappear never to be seen again. We now have a Welsh Triangle in which a U.F.O. has been sighted — a long cigar shaped object was witnessed by people of unimpeachable character whose word could not be doubted - Walt Lees has suggested it may have been a modelling balloon which had escaped from Trevor Lewis who hails from that area. This was beaten by the lady in Staffordshire who had one of these objects land near her home and actually saw two beings inside who smiled sympathetically at her — no wonder. More recently we have 'Biorhythms' a numerical system which plots our intellectual, emotional and physical 'highs' and 'lows'. What is a rational minded person to think when in Japan over 5,000 companies uses this information to plot bad days for their employees when they are accident prone with the object of reducing accidents. On television we have seen a dignatory of a world wide religious organisation waving an object resembling an old fashioned cart lamp supposedly containing the dried blood of a long dead saint. If the blood liquified it would indicate that a certain potential disaster would not occur — needless to say it did to great effect without the apparatus being passed for examination. Only last week as I write the World

Service of the BBC relayed a paranormal half->

hour which brought forth one down to earth remark when- one panellist said "Inanimate objects can't cheat" which about sums up most of the baloney. Maurice Fogel appeared and predicted the amount of small change in one of the pannelist's pocket. When questioned as to how it was done Maurice replied "It's all in the mind" which was probably the most complete answer possible to the problems of psychical phenomena which were exercising the minds of those taking part.

Whatever one's belief may be in these matters one thing is certain. It does provide a wealth of material for mentalists to exploit when seeking alternative pseudo explanations to account for their 'powers' enabling them to vary their presentation in a field of magic which is very limited in the number of effects possible.


Barrie Richardson

Two types of magical demonstrations appear to have a lasting impression on spectators. The first being a minor miracle which occurs in the spectators own hands such as the Sponge Ball trick and Out of this World.

The second type of memorable demonstration is one which apparently requires great manipulative or mental skill. Poker deals, dice stacking, Mental feats such as memorising the entire contents of Time magazine and contact mindreading have stood the test of time. The one about to be described falls into the latter category.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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