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It has been said that all showbusiness people are extrovert?, although some people claim that all magicians are introverts who take up our hobby to overcome a sense of inferiority and finish up as introverts pretending to be extroverts. In other words they are really a bunch of nobodies behaving as if they are somebody, just because they can do a couple of magic tricks which their non magical friends can't see through. I don't agree with this theory about magicians being introverts pretending etc., In fact I don't think I'm inferior to anyone, either because I am a magician, small in stature, or a Scotsman living in England, and I will stand up anywhere, on a chair, produce my St Andrews flag magically and sing Scotland the Brave at the top of my voice just as long as someone will pay me to do so.

Ah! Money. We had forgotten about that. Isn't that the real reason why we should be performing magic?? It's the reason I started into this thing we call magic. Truthfully it was. One day I'll tell you the whole story, but for the moment take it from me, it's true. Should we not be thinking more about how to get more work and more money for ourselves rather than trying to impress our magical friends??

I'm going to change tack now. (Now you know I am an ex-seaman). Same suDject different angle. How many magicians keep a trick or two up their sleeves that their magical friends don't know about? I remember many years ago I had the great privilege of accompanying the late A1 Flosso on a club date in the Carlyle Hotel,New York City. From memory I think that Al's regular act consisted of 20th Century Silks, Lyles Paper Hat, Egg Bag, Miser's Dream and finally a hat production the finale of which was a number of ringing alarm clocks. A1 had performed that act before magicians for many years and many magicians, especially in the New York area, could recite his patter backwards. A few days after the aforementioned club date, I was discussing Al's act with a couple of those same magicians and they were amazed to hear me describe several magic effects which A1 had performed that night and claimed that they had known and seen A1 perform for at least forty years or more and had never seen him perform any of the effects I had mentioned apart from those listed above. A1 had more than a couple of tricks up his sleeve that his friends didn't know about, he had a whole bunch of them.

Are you getting the message? Probably not. Extroverts never do. They are too busy listening to themselves when they should be listening to introverts like me. If they come up with a new idea effect or twist, the first place they want to show it it off is at a magical gathering, and it is usually under rehearsed or worse, it is usually the first time they have actually performed it. If it is good why don't they just keep it to themselves???? . . .

Maybe it's because they don't know whether it is good or not. They just figure and hope that it is and think that the only way they can find out is to show it to a bunch of magicians and hope that someone wjiose opinion they respect will come up afterwards and tell them how much he liked their idea..The real problem is that the guy whose opinion they respect probably works in a bank and doesn't know what the hell he's talking about anyway. (I think I've changed tack again somewhere).

Have you got the message yet??? Recently I mentioned the fact that I have been booked to appear at a Magic Convention in Sweden. Actually it didn't happen. The convention was cancelled so that was that. I also mentioned some somewhere that I was booked to lecture at the F.I.S.M. Convention in Switzerland. That isn't going to happen either. Don't worry, the convention isn't cancelled, I was. A pity really because I was going to lecture and demonstrate ORIGINALITY. Yes that's a fact. I was actually going to perform new magic effects, that magicians have never seen before. Would it have been a first? I was going to show off before my magical friends just how clever I was, and it will never happen. That's right, it will never happen, because I have decided that I don't wish to show how clever I am any more, but will remain content to know that I am clever, without the approval of you and you and you and you.

Message ends.


Patrick Page


We sold out within days and have now received the second batch.

'BASIL HORWITZ SIGNED CARD IN WALLET IN SPECTATORS POCKET' has become a cult amongst some of the younger magicians who normally will only buy a pack of cards or a card book. Tim Gan, Stephen Tucker, Paul Brignall, to name just three, not only perform the routine as supplied but have been developing their own routines. As soon as there are enough we will put out a small booklet. The Wallets are made especially for us by Roy Roth. IN STOCK NOW. Jim Breedon purchased one last week and I saw him at the Magic Circle. "How are you getting on with it Jim?" I asked and he replied "Absolutely great Martin. Really pleased". So there you have it folks. One of our finest releases. 'THE BASIL HORWITZ SIGNED CARD IN WALLET IN SPECTATOR'S POCKET'.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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