The Witchdoctors

the face up cards and the thumb on the near one. Move the block of cards above the break to the right gripped between the thumb and forefinger but retain the AS in position above the main pack by a light pressure on its face with the left thumb. As the AS falls onto the pack, retake the left little finger break below it. Bring the right hand with its cards back over the pack until it is squarely above the AS. Grip the AS between the right thumb and forefinger but keep it flush with the cards above it at the far short end. A small break is taken above it at the near short end. The left thumb rests lightly on the face king and as the right hand moves its group of cards to the right, including the AS, the king is retained on top of the main pack and a break taken below it with the left little finger.

The right hand moves back over the pack with its cards and the left thumb again draws the face king off and onto the main pack, but this time the AS is loaded back onto the pack, under cover of the king being retained. The remaining two kings in the right hand are drawn off in the same action as already described. Thus in showing the AS and four kings you have secretly rearranged their order to read K,K,K, AS,K, from the face. A break is held below the group of five cards with the left little finger.

In line with the preceding actions you have explained that the four Kings represent the four witchdoctors.

Bring the right hand over the pack with the same grip as before and lift up the complete group of cards above the break very slightly at the near short end with the right thumb. Let two bottom cards drop off the thumb and lift the cards above them away from the pack and place them carefully squared, face up on the table. Do not rush this action, remember it should look as if you are lifting up the four kings by breaking them off the pack with the right thumb.

Point to the AS, which is still face up on the pack and say "Remember the AS represents the explorer." Turn the AS face down, really turning two cards as one, an action aided by the left little finger break.

Push the top card of the pack slightly with the left thumb and take it into the right hand at the same time extend the right second and third fingers loading the miniature card beneath it. Place the card face down on the table with the small card secretly hidden under it. Place the main pack aside well out of the way so that an uncluttered appearance is presented for the climax of the trick.

Pick up the packet of kings, turn them face down and use the Alex Elmsley Ghost Count to show that there are apparently four cards. Say, "Remember the Kings represent the witchdoctors."

Place the Kings face down on top of the AS (actually a king) the cards being carefully squared. Continue your story about the explorer doubting the powers of the witchdoctors and challenging them to give a demonstration.

Take the cards from the packet one by one from the top and place them in a face up line on the table as shown — the size of the AS will come as a surprise to the audience.

Finally, say that the explorer looked around and said, "Well, you may be able to make yourselves into giants, but you can't do anything to ME."

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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