The Reunited Match

Book paper matches (used) preferably with same colour of match paper, front and back; 1 match head held between tips of the right index and middle finger (palm side). Spectator available, preferably on your left or in front.


1. Pick up the matches from the table between the thumb and fingers of the right hand. Toss the matches to spectator requesting that he tear out a match. Have him place it on the table and close the cover of the match book.

2. Pick up the match with the left hand and examine it to be sure that the torn end is ripped straight and clean. Make sure that it has no loose paper or ragged edges. If not a clean break, straighten the end by tearing off an additional small piece using the right thumb and forefinger.

3. Place the torn end of the match between the right thumb and forefinger. Request that the spectator hold out both hands, palm upward.

4. Both hands now revolve inward and the match is taken between the thumb and left forefinger and middle finger. Now with some pretended effort, the head is apparently torn from the match as the hands separate; it should appear that the lower end of the match is sticking out of the left hand. The match head is now dropped into the palm of the spectator's left hand. Your right hand now closes as you request that the spectator "close his hand and place his thumb over the top and turn the hand palm down".

5. Your left hand now places the stem of the match in the spectator's right hand, keeping the left index finger on the head. Request that the hand be closed, thumb placed over the top and turned down. Your right hand assists him in these actions.

6. Now, show both hands unmistakingly empty.

7. Place your right hand palm up under the spectator's left hand and request that he open his hand "very slowly". As the match head drops into your hand, have him keep his hand open and turn it palm up. Pick up the match head and place it on the back of the spectator's right hand. (A little juggling act). Now have him clasp his closed right fist with his left hand. The match remaining balanced on the back of his right hand. Both of the performer's hands can be used to assist.

8. Again, show your hands empty.

9. Pick up the match head from the back of the hand and hold in pinched, but extended between your right thumb and index finger. Reach over with the thumb and index finger of the left hand. As you pretend to remove the match head from the right finger, the left thumb causes the match head to revolve behind the fingers. This vanish is the same as described in "Vernon's Book of Magic".

10. Your left hand now pretends to rub the match head on the back of the spectator's right hand. In the course of moving from your left hand to the back of the spectator's hand, the right hand laps, or drops, the match head to the floor.

11. As the left hand apparently rubs the match head on the hand, the right hand (without the head now) approaches the spectator's hands and snaps its fingers. At the same time the left hand shows the disappearance of the match.

12. Request that the spectator open his hand. The match head has been reunited with its base.


A: A follow up to this would be the performance of the "decapitation" from the "Stars of Magic" by Francis Carlyle.

B: At the end of the routine, I pick up the match and bend the paper close to the head. Thus, when examined later, it appears that this was where the magical welding took place.

C: This effect is much more effective with women than men for some reason. Perhaps because all the action involves them and the restoration occurs in their hands. My personal preference anyway.

D: Some spectators are reluctant to hold matches in their hands. Probably left over from some earlier experience with someone who asked, "Did you ever see a match burn twice?" If they show concern, reassure them.


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Fundamentals of Magick

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