The Magic Of Shigeo Takagi

In keeping with our reputation for producing only the finest in quality close-up m^igic, Jeff Busby Enterprises proudly presents two fine routines by Japan's master sleight of hand artist - Shigeo Takagi.

Personal demonstration by Takagi and movies of both routines detailed below were used in the writing of the manuscripts to ensure that none of the fine details were omitted.

Shigeo Takagi's One Cup Routine

This extremely novel one cup and ball routine created a sensation when performed by Takagi ¡n public and private sessions at the Washington I.B.M. convention.

A ball is magically produced from the tip of a wand. It immediately vanishes and reappears beneath a beautiful wooden cup. The ball vanishes again and is reproduced from the performer's pocket. After a penetration sequence and more transpositions, the ball refuses to return to the cup. The cup is slapped and a large load ball drops out! But wait...For the stunning climax, the cup is displayed and shown to be a solid block of wood with no interior at all!

This is not "push -button" magic. You will need some sleight of hand ability to perform this topflight routine and it does require practice. If you master this, it will be an effect that your audience will always remember.

To help you learn this routine, over 35 fine line drawings have been prepared. A separate typeset booklet containing comprehensive instructions will help you to master this with ease.

The cup is lathe turned from hardwood in the style of the popular "Paul Fox" cup. Beautifully made and well worth the price. $12.50 for the cup, instructions and illustrations. Please add $1.50 for Parcel Post delivery in the U.S., $2.50 for Surface Mail to any other part of the world. $4.00 for Air Mail delivery to any part of the world. 404 extra for insurance in the U.S. only. California residents include sales tax.

Shigeo Takagi's Coin Assembly

There have been many coin assemblies, but none this unique! Here is magic in the classical style, incorporating many ingenious moves and sequences never before used in this type of effect.

In brief, four coins cleanly assemble to under one of four covering cards. This version is done in "slow-motion" with fresh ideas raved over by the experts. No rapid actions as are evident in most current versions of this effect.

This routine does take sleight of hand ability and is not for the novice. Over 45 fine line drawings help to make this easy to learn. A separate booklet of text, keyed to the illustrations, clearly worded to help to understand this outstanding routine is included. The price is $4.50 for the illustrations and text in a plastic strip binder. Please include $1.00 extra for postage and packing in the U.S., $1.50 for Surface Mail to any part of the world. $2.50 for Air Mail delivery to any part of the world. 404 extra for insurance in the U.S. only. California residents include sales tax. Purchase this routine in conjunction with the ONE CUP ROUTINE and the COIN ASSEMBLY will be sent post free.

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Mark Weston sends the following gags for use with the magnetic attraction routine which appeared in the October issue, the only extra item required being a propelling pencil.

First have a spectator on your left at the table. Have him hold out his hands and place your propelling pencil so that it rests across his hands (1). Ask him to call aloud "WING WING" . . . then pick up the pencil, holding it to your left ear like a telephone — poker faced speak into the opposite end of the pencil as you would with a 'phone and say "Hello".

Next take the pencil and perform the 'magnetic' business using the pencil instead of the fingers. Repeat once or twice before explaining that the reason this happens is because you are using a PROPELLING PENCIL.

It occurred to me when reading the above that it should be possible to switch in a gimmicked pencil which was hollow with plate lifter bulb affixed to one end. With the bulb concealed in palm it should be a simple matter to provide the necessary current of air by squeezing the bulb.

Jos Bema sends the following which is going the rounds in Holland. It uses a lighter and a handkerchief, tablecloth or ladies dress or whatever. The lighter is set as high as possible which results in a gap between the lighter and the,flame (2).

One edge of the handkerchief is held taut between the first and second fingers and the thumb and third finger (3) of the left hand. Holding the lighter in the left thumb crotch, ignite it, and take it with the right hand moving it to the right beneath the handkerchief, the edge of which passes between the lighter and the flame. The right hand continues to move under the handkerchief until it comes clear at the side opposite that held with the left hand. The flame will keep alight creating an effect similar to that of Colombi's which uses a lighted candle. It works with most kinds of cloth except nylon which melts.

I have a variation which adds a little more to the effect. When the flame arrives at the far edge of the handkerchief the flames disappear and when the right hand emerges from underneath it is empty — the lighter has disappeared. The lighter is attached to a pull which is adjusted so that the lighter hangs above and a little to the rear of the left trouser pocket enabling it to be obtained from that position when appearing to take it from the pocket. The vanish is well covered by the handkerchief.

frcd tobinson

Since Mr Bema sent the above effect it has been seen in the Blenheim bar but worked rather differently. A spectator holds two adjacent corners of the handkerchief and the performer the side opposite with his left hand. He then puts the lighter unlit underneath the handkerchief and has someone light it from above. The flame can then be caused to move back and forth and to any part of the surface of the handkerchief which is stretched taut.

It is also possible to vanish the lighter by sleeving it, up either sleeve. Take your pick.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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