The Irresistible Force

When Pascal first described this to me, I was a little hesitant in including it in this issue.

I later tried the effect on an unsuspecting layman and now agree with him that it's a very powerful force. I pointed out to Pascal that it is quite similar to the force used in the Svengali routine.

In fact you will require 27 duplicate cards and 25 mixed cards.

I'll describe the force first and then we'll discuss how it can be applied to a straight deck.

Cut off the top 27 duplicates and faro them into the remaining 25 cards. Don't complete the shuffle just yet!

Fig:l shows the position of the two half decks with the hands ommitted for clarity. You now move the duplicate packet to the right for about half an inch as shown in Fig:2 Finally push the card foward so that the inner narrow ends are squared and you will have reached the situation shown in Fig: 3.

If you now pressure fan the deck and look at the faces of the cards, you will only be able to see the mixed cards as the duplicates are all hidden.

If you now lower the fan and ask a spectator to select any one of the cards from the fan, he will be forced to remove one of the 27 duplicate cards!!

You can now close the fan, square the cards and continue with the revelation that you knew which card he would select. If you want to end clean, switch the gaffed deck for a regular deck minus the forced card.

The reason that we usee! 27 duplicate cards is that the faro used must be a straddle faro.

If you are willing to use such a deck, all well and good but there are many who will not lower themselves to perform with anything less than a straight deck!!

For them let us consider the following ... Separate the Clubs and Hearts into one pile and the Diamonds and Spades into another pile.

Shuffle one into the other and make the fan as before. If you look at the face of the fan you will see only two suits present but if they had been shuffled together prior to the faro and the fan . . . the mixed face of the fan would appear quite normal.

When you lower the fan and have a card selected, you will have forced one of the other two suits.

Prior to all this you have written a prediction that the spectator will not select a card from either of the two suits that were present in the face of the fan. This prediction might read . . . You will not select either a Heart card or even a Club card!!

Place a large denomination bank note on the table and ask the spectator to take any card from the fan. Square up the cards and place them before him. Point out that no one could have known which card he would select but you have played a game of monetary Russian roulette and you point out that if your prediction is wrong ... he can keep the money. He reads your strange prediction, looks at his card and you pocket the money. The nice thing about this routine is that the deck is in front of him and he will grab it and make sure that all four suits are present and . . . they are!

Nothing remains that might give the game away!

Other possibilities are . . . separate the cards into odd and even values. Force an odd card and use the patter presentation that you think the spectator is an odd type of person. Providing that you back up your statement with a large banknote, the larger the. better, the effect will be quite strong!

Why not shuffle 27 red backed cards into 25 blue backed cards. Show that the fan consists of all blue backed cards but explain that you would like the spectator to remove any card but to make things fairer ... he removes a card with the fan face up.

This forces him to remove one of the red backed cards.

Hand him a magic wand and have him wave it over the card ... he flips it face down and low and behold, the card now has a red back!!

In the meantime you have pocketed the rest of the deck.

I'm sure that you'll be able to find other applications for the principle.

Ed . . . I know that Alex Elmsley once applied the principle to his impromptu Brainwave routine!

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