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OK. So what's new? Not a lot. By the time you read this I shall probably be in France somewhere, under the auspices of Mr Philippe Fialho who lives in Nice, the Southend of France. He has arranged for me to do three lectures, one in Nice, one in Marseilles and (I think though noone has told me yet), in Paris. It must be two or three years since I was last in France, and it will be nice to go back there and meet one or two old friends, Gaeton Bloom, Alain Noel, hold on I am trying to think of someone else who has a beautiful wife. . . .yes I remember and I had better not say otherwise they will punch me on the nose when I get of the plane. Alain Noel I can handle because he is fat and slow and has flat feet. Gaeton Bloom I can handle because he is fat and slow and has a flat head . . but if you take someone like Danny Ray who is tall strong strong and muscular -I think he is beautiful and I won't mention his wife, but it will be nice to meet them again and perhaps make a few new friends.


Well that takes care of my travels for the next few weeks so where do we go from there? At the moment there is a new show in London called 'The Magic Man' starring John Wade I had intended to go and see this yesterday which was right after the opening night but I sat down in an armchair and fell fast asleep. So it will have to wait for a week or two until I have another night off. You see I'm busy. I perform magic in the evenings for money, and there is no better reason for a Scotsman to do anything than for money. Apart from the show, the next big item for English, or at least London's magic buffs, has been Ron Macmillan's International Day of Magic. I can remember a few years back when Ron first started his 'Day of Magic', holding it in the back room of a pub in the Cler ken well area of London, and since those days it has blossomed out into what really amounts to a one day magic convention, complete with dealers, close acts, lectures and a gala show, in the evening which is fast becoming second to none anywhere in the world. How Ron manages to convince some of the people to come to London for one day to perform one show I cannot imagine. But he does, and he does it very very successfully. In fact it has got to such a stage now that one or two well known performers actually beg him to allow them to appear on his shows now which makes a change from the old days when he had a struggle persuading anyone to do anything at all. Mind you there have been one or two who have appeared there, the beggars I mean, who just shouldnever have been there so be careful Ron and keep up that very high standard.

In the past years he has had well known acts like the Morettis - oh why should I bother to name them all as probably most of you know them by now. This year he has had people like Fred Kaps, Dinardi, Milbourne Christopher, all coming from abroad and there are others, many many others. For the readers of this magazine of course the main event will have been the close up during the afternoon with some of the really great performers. And of course particularly this year anyway, Albert Goshman from the United States.I have been spending a little time with Albert during the last couple of days and although I have known him for many years he just doesn't change and neither does his act. But this is exactly how it should be. The only way to polish anything is to keep rubbing it, and Albert's act is just about as polished as they come. He must do a lot of rubbing.

Surprise, surprise, Patrick Page, The Pageboy, that's me, has been elected^to the Fellowship of the Flying Sorcerors. Wow. The Godfather of this movement is one Goodliffe, Publisher of that well known weekly magic magazine 'Abracadabra' I have a letter in front of me now and see that there are no officers, no meetings, and no subscriptions. Goodliffe is the acting Honorary Secretary and if one suggests a name to him he submits it to two of the founder members and if they approve you're in. So there. Follow that. The fact that there are no meetings or comittees etc.etc. only means one thing to me. I cannot be expelled. In case you do not know the Flying Sorcerors is an organisation for which membership qualification is that one must have been invited to fly the Atlantic in either direction, to entertain with Magic. As this is something I have done several times I therefore qualify for membership.

One question Goodliffe: what took you so long?

Goodbye Patrick Page

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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