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32, glossy pages in each issue THE INTERNATIONAL MAGIC STUDIO.

(Ron Macmillan) 89 Clerkenwell Road, Holborn. London E.C.I.


A brand new book of varied and PRACTICAL magic, produced by the 'Scottish Conjurers Association' to celebrate their half centenary.

This book contains 72 pages — is fully illustrated — and explains 25 tricks — plus an introduction and history of this famous Society.

There is magic for all tastes with some fine cabaret and close-up items. The contributors include J.B. Finlay, Eddie Dawes, Lewis Ganson, Frederica and many others. In addition there is a PREVIOUSLY UNPUBLISHED ITEM BY JOHN RAMSAY.

In 1945 the 'Scottish Conjurers Association' produced their only previous book — this quickly sold out and has now become a collectors item. We anticipate that this new book will follow in the steps of its predecessor.



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Pabular is published after the second week in every month and is printed by Instance Printers, Paddock Wood, Kent, England. Subscriptions may be obtained direct from the publishers, Pabular, P.O. Box 180, London SE12 8JJ or through many magic dealers. Price 50 pence per copy (or US $ 1.25) surface post included. Air Mail extra 12 pence (US $ 0.30) per copy or £1.45 (US S 3.60) per year. Editorial or content copy should be sent to Fred Robinson, 1 Crescent Court, 24 Crescent Road, New Barnet, Herts, England. Advertising rates sent on request — smalls 3 pence per word (US 10 cents). Dealer enquiries welcomed. Reproductions of old prints and historical magical items by kind permission of Tony Faro.


^e ¿Magazine of Close-up£J\/Iagic cVollNg6cFEB.1975

A gold finger ring, a silver paper tube and a pencil are shown. The ring openly penetrates the tube and pencil in an unexpected and amusing way, the pencil vanishes and is produced from the performer's inside pocket, or wherever else he may choose. If wished, everything may be examined before and after the effect.




You require a normal full length pencil, a gold ring, and beforehand you make from a piece of silver coated decorative paper, a tube slightly greater in diameter than the pencil and longer.

You also require a ball point pen cap which will fit snugly onto the end of the pencil. To the cap is fixed a length of weakish elastic to make a pull. The elastic is anchored well down the right sleeve with a view to vanishing the pencil up the left sleeve. I prefer an elastic pull to a non-stretch wrist-to-wrist pull because of the greater freedom of action permitted and less need to do the trick at or near the beginning of your performance. The pull is then set up with the cap tucked back down the watch strap on your left wrist. Credit for the biro cap vanish belongs, I believe, to Cecil Tebbitt.

This trick is an ideal follow-on to the Ring off Pencil. You may wish to refer to Dai Vernon's routine in the Stars of Magic, or a recently published routine by Oscar Weigle in Pallbearers, June 1972, deserves your attention.

At the end of your previous effect, or whilst the ring is being examined after the Ring off Pencil effect, you secure the pull cap from the watch strap with the kind of offhand mannerism people have when they Eire moving their watch and strap slightly. The right-hand leaves the cap in the left finger palm. Your right hand picks up the pencil and places it casually at the left finger tips. Deliberately as you talk your right first finger pushes the pencil slightly into the left fist and unbeknown to your audience securely into the cap. You may think this is rather obvious, but if you play around for a few minutes with a pencil in your hands you will soon find that at some point that you end up pushing the pencil into the fist.

Trevor Dawson

Your right hand now displays the silver tube — through which your audience look so appreciative! You drop the tube over the pencil, which the left hand now holds semi-vertical. You point the tube and pencil at the audience if necessary for a moment so that they can see the pencil in the tube. The left hand now moves the tube and pencil horizontal and the right hand twists the right end of the tube as though closing off the end. Whilst this is happening you release your left hand hold on the pull and the pencil goes up your left sleeve. Once the pencil has gone and the right hand end of the tube has been twisted, your right hand grasps the twisted end and the left fingers twist the left end of the tube.

Holding the tube horizontal at the left end, your right hand picks up the ring and places it onto the centre of the tube. You now ask a spectator to hold both ends of the tube and ring. He believes of course he is holding the tube with the pencil inside it. You explain that you are going to remove the ring visually. You do this by either tearing the tube in half at the centre, or preferably, and this comes with a greater surprise, by cutting it with a pair of scissors, causing the ring to drop off in a totally unexpected manner. Once it has registered that the pencil has vanished, you produce a duplicate from your inside coat pocket, or if your pull is so arranged you can produce the vanished pencil, apparently from your left inside coat pocket, but in reality from a point by your left armpit if the pull has been fixed to stop at this point.

bob driebeekjyn the % cWitchdoctors'

Flying back home I started reading your wonderful new magazine. Quite a collection of very useful material!

The plot of Roy Walton's "Witch Doctors" especially appealed to me. The final punch-line of the explorer "You may be able to change yourselves into giants but you can't do any harm to me" gives the clever effect a very amusing climax.

Since I'm no clever manipulator I found difficulty keeping the small card concealed in the right hand and handling the cards with thumb and index-finger only in an unsuspected way — so I developed the following ruse:-

I prepared one of the Kings as sample enclosed. Look at the card. You will notice a small pocket which in short distance is quite

invisible. Pull yellow strip of cardboard into view. You will see now the small card (Ace of Spades). By the way, Eddy Burke of Magic-Tricks sells transfers to prepare the card. The cardboardstrip is to keep the pocket open when not in use! If you put the small card in the pocket it slides easily out if you turn the card with open end of pocket downwards.

Load small card in pocket (face to the front) and perform the Walton-routine (the order of the 5 cards is from face to back: Ace of Spades, prepared King and the 3 other Kings.

After putting the supposed "Explorer" (Ace of Spades) face down on the table, "Ghosts-count the 3 unprepared Kings and lay them face down on the supposed Ace of Spades (in reality the faked King — open end of pocket towards the audience!)

Turn the packet vertically with the backs towards your audience and knock them on the table as to square them. The small card slides out and must be covered neatly with the four Kings.

You are now ready for the climax!

Another suggestion is this:-

I have a close-up table with a magnet in the top.

I now have a small card made, cut out from enclosed metal label (using my wife's scissors!!!). (A split card with a piece of razor-blade between will do as well).

For the finish you don't have to square the packet of 5 (?) cards by knocking at the table. Just place them on top of the concealed magnet and push the 4 Kings forward towards the audience. The small card remains on the very same spot. To spectators you only push the 4 Kings off the diminished Ace of Clubs.

It works perfectly!!

cIhecPage boy^

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Fundamentals of Magick

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