David Copperfield: "A first class publication. I enjoy it and recommend it." Daryl: "Well on its way to being the best magic magazine ever!" Tom Mullica: "Absolutely fantastic - get it! The best thing since sliced bread Paul Harris: "I'm impressed

Do you know of any of the above magicians? They are just four of the many who have seen the first big issue of The Magic Manuscript and like it! Some people more than just like it, too! In many ways The MM just can't be explained in an ad — so do yourself a favor and, at least, send for a copy so you can decide for yourself!

But, although it is impossible to give you an exact idea of what The MM is like in an ad, here's a bit of info. The first big issue had Bob Brown & Brenda on the cover in full color. Inside you'll find an eight page full color feature on and by Bob Brown. You'll also find The Paul Harris Close-up Forum with chitchat, articles, and magic tricks by Paul. Other close-up stars to be seen in the pages of The Forum include John Mendoza, John Cornelius, Phil Goldstein, Karrell Fox, Tom Ogden, Harry Lorayne, Tom Mullica, El Duco and many, many others!

Paul Osborne on Illusions, Bob Brown on The Business of Magic, Larry Becker on Mentalism, Edwin Hooper on England's Magic, Howard Schwarzman on "everything" — are all just a few more of the many features in The MM. Of course we've got current and honest news and reviews. Plus articles on doves, advertising and promotion, tricks, editorials, cartoons and lots of ads — and more, too!

You probably won't believe the extreme high quality of The Magic Manuscript — in both production and content — until you see it. Our first issue has 64 pages on the slickest of papers. The pages of full color are beautiful — a real first for a magic magazine! Our art work and design make the good reading all the better, too. Our second issue has Karrell Fox on the cover and promises to be even bigger and better! You don't want to miss another issue of The MM, so send in today! You can send $2 for a sample copy or request more free information, too.

Subscription Information: $12 for one year (6 issues), $21 for two years, $30 for three years. $18 for all foreign countries. $30 for one year air-mailed to Europe. $39 for one year air-mailed to The Orient or anywhere in the world.

69 Wild Horse Circle Boulder, Colorado 80302

The Exciting New Books from WALT LEES


Ever since it first came out, this book has received rave notices from the reviewers. Jack Griggs in 'The Budget' and A1 Smith in Abracadabra' and 'Pabular' both said that it should be COMPULSORY READING for all cardinen.

The book teaches, in a humourous manner, EVERYTHING that you need to know to perform four OUTSTANDING pieces of sheer magic with a normal pack of cards. They are:-

'The Case of the Off-Colour Collectors8. Three selected cards placed fairly into the pack INSTANTLY appear between four different coloured kings which have been in full view throughout.

'Computor Dating8. A spectator matches up the kings and queens by magic. A GREAT COMEDY PRESENTATION.

'Everywhere and Goodness Knows Where'. The Joker changes, time and again. Several of the changes happen in THE SPECTATOR'SOWN HANDS.

'Travellers Without Luggage'. This is my own version of Larry Jennings' 'Open Travellers8. At the recent Cambridge Convention I was repeatedly asked to dem this one. As one man in the crowd said, 'It's the nearest thing to real magic that I have ever seen!c

In writing this book, a lot of time and trouble was taken to give the fullest possible details of PRESENTATION, MISDIRECTION and TIMING. The thinsgs that really matter and yet are so often glossed over in magical writing.

This book has been written to enable YOU to learn and perform some truly top class magic.

PRICE £3-95 plus postage U.K. 25p (Overseas 60p - Airmail £1.75) AND


Roger Crosthwaite is considered by many to be one of Britain's foremost close-up ENTERTAINERS. In this book he has been persuaded to release some of his FINEST COMMERCIAL ideas. This is magic that is regularly being PERFORMED FOR THE PAYING PUBLIC.

If you are looking for TOP CLASS, COMMERCIAL CARD MAGIC, from a leading exponent - clearly and simply described - as well as many HINTS AND TIPS TO IMPROVE YOUR OWN PRESENTATION, then don't miss this. There are forty eight printed pages and over eighty clear photographs.

Great value! The vThink-a-cards Techniques alone are priceless to a working performer.

PRICE £4.75 plus postage U.K. J2p (Overseas 75p - Airmail £2.00)

"The book is well written and profusely illustrated, giving the reader a clear insight into the methods of achieving success. The magic is visual with uncomplicated plots and highly entertaining. These are the essential ingredients of commercial magic. Highly recommended". Trevor Lewis, Abracadabra

Send to:


Well, by the time you read this, another IBM Convention will almost be upon us. This year the venue is Great Yarmouth and this will be the first time the IBM have held their annual shindig there.

There is always a first time for everything. Do you remember the first convention you ever attended? Hold it, let me rephrase that. Have you ever attended an IBM Convention? No? Lucky you. Don't misunderstand me. I don't mean that you are lucky not to have attended a convention What I am trying to say is that you still have something to look forward to. When it happens, it will, or should be, one of the happiest experiences of your magical lifetime.

You will walk around for days in a daze. You will make friends of complete starangers. You will see and meet famous magicians at close quarters. Performers you may only have seen on television. People you may only have heard about or read about in magazines. Authors of books which are sitting at home on your shelves.

You will find out the real meaning of " a magic session". When you sit goggle eyed watching some of the close up workers in the foyer of your hotel, and you suddenly realize that it is four o'clock in the morning, stagger upstairs to your room and collapse on the bed, but not to fall asleep. Oh no. You will start looking through all the lists of tricks and books that the dealers have bombarded you with.

You'll start playing with some of the tricks you have bought. If you are sharing a room with a friend you will start comparing notes about the days happenings. Eventually you will have to go to bed and you will think to yourself "Let's get some sleep". Then you will suddenly remember that next morning at 9.30 there is a lecture. You look at your watch and say to yourself "God - it's five o'clock". Now, and only now, will you fall asleep.

But not for long, because you will be up again around 8.15 in time to have breakfast and get a good seat at that lecture. At breakfast you will stagger around the hotel dining room bleary eyed, looking for somewhere to sit. You will bid good morning to other bleary eyed strangers you have seen around the convention.

You will meet the 'Characters' of which there are many. Some of them are lovable types, and thay attend almost every convention. Everyone knows them, everyone likes them. There are others who apparently specialise in one trick only. It's their favourite and they always have it with them. And the person who introduces you is sure to say "Show us your floating toilet roll Bill" . And he will . .. . . he will.

There are of course the others, the ones to be avoided. They come in all shapes and sizes but I am not going to tell you too much about them, because one of the joys of regular conventioners is in unloading one of these bores onto people like you.

You will meet the dealers. The men and women who sell magic tricks for a living and without whom the convention just wouldn't be be the same. You will find out that they are all, without exception, after your money. But some of them give super value and some don't. You will find out that the phrase 'value for money' to magic dealers covers a multitude of whims.

A few words of advice when buying tricks. Don't buy a trick just because you like it, buy it because you relly need it. I have a cupboard full of tricks I like, but it wasn't until much later I relized that I didn't really need them.

You will have one hell of a time, and when it is all over you will bid goodbye to people you never knew before, some of whom will become life long friends.

So you have never been to a magic convention? Lucky you

Goodbye, Patrick Page

'Rule of Thought7 is an amazing demonstration of "psychokinesis" or the power of mind over matterJ Three bands of thin tissue paper are shown and handed out for examination. One band is chosen and hung from a common wooden ruler. Several paper back books are placed in the loop, but they immediately break the tissue and drop to the floor. This is attempted again with the same results. When the last band is used, the performer asks everyone to concentrate on the tissue and make 'it as strong as a band of steel'. Books are now stacked one at a time in the loop until there are four or five including a large hardcover volume! The band holds until the performer asks everybody to break their concentration .. . then all the books tumble to the floor! The entertainment derived from the audience participation will assure your reputation as a great mental ist! Comes complete with ruler, tissue paper bands, and detailed instructions.



31 RICHMOND WAY; HAMMERSMITH , LONDON W14 Telephone - 01-603-6578

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

Magick is the art and practice of moving natural energies to effect needed or wanted change. Magick is natural, there is absolutely nothing supernatural about it. What is taught here are various techniques of magick for beginners. Magick is natural and simple and the techniques to develop abilities should be simple and natural as well. What is taught on this site is not only the basics of magick, but the basics of many things.

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