The Fakir Of Oolu


1 Blank Face Card

4 King of Diamonds

2 Jack of Spades

5 Joker

3 Queen of Diamonds

6 Ten of Diamonds


Now once upon a time there was this plane (show the blank card) which was about to be hijacked (show Jack of Spades) by this one-eyed coalman (one-eyed Spade) who said "If I don't get a bag of diamonds by the time the sand goes out of this modern timer (show hour glass in Jack of Spades hand) I'll (raise both cards to mouth) blow up this plane. (Place both cards face up on table).

Now the pilot of this plane was an old chap whose only experience was flying choppers. (Double lift showing King of Diamonds and indicate axe in his hand). He said "Either you stop this nonsense or I'll turn round and fly home. (Double turn over and place the Queen of Diamonds on to the tabled cards).

The hijacker repeated his threat "Either I get a bag of diamonds or I'll (raise cards to mouth) yes, that's right, blow up the plane. They looked here and there (double cut top card — King of Diamonds to bottom) and finally found some diamonds. (Double lift showing ten of diamonds) and under cover (turn cards face down and put top card (Joker) on to tabled cards) smuggled them aboard — on to plane. The hijacker fled (keep hand on the blank card and blow the other three cards across table) but when he inspected his ransom all he found was some Joker with a Bag of diamonds (show Joker and Queen) and they lived happily ever after.


"It's contagious, isn't it?"

"It's contagious, isn't it?"

Well, what do you know? After mentioning Paul Daniels last month I sit down to watch The David Nixon Show on TV and who should pop up on the screen as his guest but P.D. And surprise, surprise he was performing a Patrick Page routine, namely the card in wallet. And he almost performed it as well as I used to — the main difference being that he got more laughs. I think the technicians turned up the volume. It was either that or as I sat there and watched him I imagined the laughter was getting louder and louder, and I thought I'd grow to hate him. No that's not quite correct. The laughs did get louder and I do hate him.

The guest spot on the same show was filled last week by Fred Kaps who made two appearances — one close-up and one stand-up with two spectators in which he performed an excellent version of Edward Victor's Eleven Card Trick, the last part of which fooled me badly.

Dionne Warwick, the US Pop Singer (?) has been doing a short tour of England doing one-nighters with a supporting bill that included Miss Terri Rogers, well known ventriloquist with a liking for performing close-up magic. But my question is 'Why is it that the vents seem to have succeeded where the magic acts have failed?' Only rarely does one see a magic act on the same bill as a big international star and when one does it is usually an imported act. Is it that the clubs in this country demand time from their acts that does not lend itself to polishing up that sharp 10 or 12 minutes? Everyone these days, from comics to jugglers, break their necks to fit audience participation into their routine and the reason is always the same: TIME. The clubs are insisting on a minimum of 25 minutes for each of their acts and the average speciality act cannot cope with this length of time. Result? No first class, fast 'Speciality' (or as our American friends would have it 'Flash') acts.

There used to be a night club here called the Embassy and it existed for very many years right in the heart of London, and it used to use magic acts regularly. It closed down about a year ago and then re-opened recently, calling itself the 'Time and Place' and for the first time in many years around the London area they had a magician to do close-up work at the tables, namely one Mike Cassidy. Mike left a couple of weeks ago to spend five months in the Channel Islands entertaining the Tax Dodgers. Thi^week the Time and Place closed down. It seems that this was neither the time nor the place for Michael Cassidy and his timing was excellent because he moved out just in time — if he'd stayed on for another week or two he'd have been out of work just like all the other magicians — and sitting at home watching the ventriloquists making a lot of money on television.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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