The Duplicount

This count allows you to count four cards as four and yet show only the one card. As you will see, it is not restricted to four cards but it is best used when only a small number of cards is involved.

1) Hold the cards face down in the left hand. The right hand turns the top card face up sideways onto the packet. Let's say this card is the Ace of Spades.

2) The right hand takes the Ace at the outer right hand corner, 1st finger above, 2nd finger and thumb below. See Fig. 1. Push upwards with the thumb and down with the 1st finger turning the card face down lengthwise. Do not replace the card on the packet, hold it face down in the right hand. This is card "A". See Fig. 2.

3) The left thun^b starts to deal the next card, card "B", to the right hand side. The right hand slides its cards between card "B" and the left thumb, allowing^the right hand to clip the new card between the 1st finger and the 2nd finger. See Fig. 3.

4) Leave the 1st card under the left thumb. The right hand draws card "B" to the right hand side until the right thumb slides off card "A". See Fig. 4.

5) Now, the right hand moves upwards with card "B", using it to flip card "A" face up sideways onto the packet. The left thumb moves to the left hand side so that the card can clear it.

6) The right hand drops its card face down onto the table.

7) Repeat the above actions from step 2) onwards to show the remaining cards.

Notes: The move is really a siow motion top change. Although it is illogical, it is visually deceptive and if done smoothly without 'jerks' it gives the illusion that the cards are all identical.

The DUPLICOUNT is particularly deceptive when used with blank cards or visiting cards. Another effective use is with a double backed card and another ordinary pack for an all backs routine.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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