The Cknqwicnq Nine

le ago Ken Brooke handed us some copiag^his magazine 'ROUTINE' long since discojayted. it must be a collectors item now, with^^remark "If there is any item you would like for PABULAR you're welcome." We chose 'The Knowing Nine' as it seemed out of the normal run of the mill card effects currently popular with added advantages of requiring no special conditions, no difficult sleights, and required only a pack of cards which could be a borrowed one.

Anyone is given the pack to shuffle and asked to remove any card from the pack and without looking at it to place it in his outside jacket pocket. He is then asked to hand the pack to another spectator who is requested to do likewise. Regaining possession of the pack you explain that the curse of Scotland is of course, the nine of diamonds and it is also a very knowing card and this is the reason for calling it the 'Knowing Nine'. Take the nine of diamonds from the pack and place it for a moment in the pocket containing the chosen cards of each spectator in turn, finally returning it to the top of the pack. You now name the cards selected. Both spectators remove the cards from their pockets and the 'Knowing Nine' has proved its worth.

The method is very simple. After both cards have been chosen and placed into the pockets of the spectators take back the pack and look for the nine of diamonds. When you find it note the card beneath it and remember it, say the four of clubs and bring out both cards as one. Show nine of diamonds with the four of clubs behind it as one card and put it (them) into the first spectator's pocket. Leave behind the four of clubs and bring out the card he actually selected in front of the nine of diamonds,keeping both cards square.

Remember this card, say the five of hearts. Still holding the two cards as one put them into the pocket of the second spectator leaving behind the five of hearts and bringing out the originally selected card in front of the nine of diamonds as one card and return them to the top of the pack. You now name the cards selected and turn the nine of diamonds face up and THANK HIM.

The original article did not say what procedure to adopt in the event of the nine of diamonds being one of the selected cards. It could of course be secretly removed at the outset and added again when receiving back the cards after the selections have been made. To keep the trick in the 'no skill' category any one could be omitted from the patter theme until it has been ascertained that the nine of diamonds had not been removed. If it had been chosen any of the nines could be used instead.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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