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It is a very rare event when a working professional close-up magician reveals one of his cherished routines and it is almost unheard of for such a person to reveal all of the routines he uses to make a living. |n THE BOOK OF JOHN, John Mendoza has done just that. As a successful working professional, Mr. Mendoza can and does perform close-up magic for a living.

THE BOOK OF JOHN is not a pretty book for the collector, but rather a book for those who are interested in commercial close-up magic with maximum audience appeal - magic which will send the layman away baffled and entertained...and will also fool all hell out of the magicians having a chance to watch it.

The routines explained in this book are not for the beginner. They do require sleight of hand ability ranging from basic to the very difficult, but they certainly are worth mastering.

The card magic section contains such gems as: Topsy-Turvy Aces, a truly Impossible Poker Demonstration, Uneral-Geniversal Card, Routined Poker Mental, Simple Collectors, Vise-Versa (a very effective card transposition), a handling of Derek Dingle's Open Sesame, Twisting the Aces Again, a culling system, two effects with the D'Amico Spread, AH Gone, an entertaining Monte routine with a surprise climax, an elevator effect, a handling for the Jennings version of the Le Paul Card In Wallet, a section containing the complete text of the Automatic Deck, and a very effective version of the Ralph Hull Torn and Restored Card which was formerly sold privately for $5.00.

The coin section contains some exciting routines, each with a surprise climax. The first routine starts as a copper and silver sequence with a change to four silver dollars. Then into a pretty hand-to-hand transposition, after which more coins are produced to segue into a Coins Through the Table which climaxes with the production of a drill bit over a foot long and weighing about eight pounds! The second superb routine features a rapid production of silver dollars which grow larger and larger as the routine progresses, culminating in the produciton of a silver dollar about a foot in diameter. Two versions of Spellbound are detailed: One performed sitting and the other standing. The seated version features the change of a coin with the stroke of one fmger while the stand-up version includes the production of a giant coin which can be performed surrounded. A version of Matrix with critical patter and handling details is explained. Another coin assembly with ungaffed coins, each a different denomination, is included. There are professional handlings of marketed effects such as the Copper/Silver/Brass Transposition, Interlude, Coin Casket, and much more.

But this is not all...Detailed are routines for the Don Alan Lump of Coal, the Chop Cup, a great bowl routine, a. really funny ending for a bills and wallet routine with the Cups and Balls which takes only seconds to do and the loads are indetectabiel

As a bonus section there is a very effective no-gimmick flash dove production routine and to top it all off, the Three Ring Routine which is guaranteed to produce at least three resounding ovations from the audience during its performance. , •

Physically, the book is 81/a by 11 inch size with 134 plus typeset pages ( poly the pages with text for effects are numbered), and spiral bound so that you can study the routines* The book is: illustrated with photographs and line drawings, but, to put it quite bluntly, .the printing and production are not of the highest quality, though the material certainly is.

If you are already performing close-up magic, you'll want this book. If you are thinking about performing practical close-up magic, you need this book. Don't pass it by — to have material laid out for you in this fashion by a working pro is invaluable. Learn from John Mendoza's experience.

The price for THE BOOK OF JOHN is $20.00 plus postage — a cheap price for professional experience. I advise you to take advantage of this. Distributed by Jeff Busby Enterprises and in stock for immediate delivery. Inquiries invited from reputable magic dealers.

Jeff Busby Enterprises 133 Seventeenth Street Oakland, California 94612 U.S.A. POSTAGE by Book Rate mail is $1.50. Postage by First Class mail to U.S., Canada,-and Mexico is $4.00. If you wish to have the book insured (and I advise it) please add $0.85 in the U.S. California residents please include sales tax. FOREIGN ORDERS: Please enclose $2.00 for postage by Sea Mail Book Rate to any country in the world. $4.00 for insured Sea Mail. $5.00 for Air Mail to Europe and South America. $6.00 for Air Mail to the Pacific, Japan, and Africa.

Pabular is published after the second week in every month and is printed in England. Subscriptions may be obtained from the publishers Pabular, P.O.Box 180, London SE12 8JJ England, or through many magic dealers. Subscription rates, including surface mail worldwide: UK: £7.00 (12 issues), £3.50 (6 issues), 60pence (single issue). Abroad: £8.00 (12 issues), £4.00 (6 issues), 70pence (single issue). USA SI5.00 (12 issues), $15.00 (12 issues),,$7.50 (6 issues), $1.25 (single issue). AirMail Extra: USA 50 Cents per copy or $6.00 per year: Other rates on request. Editorial or Content Copy should be sent to Fred Robinson, Editor, 1 Crescent Court, 24 Crescent Road, New Barnet, Herts, England. Advertising rates sent on request.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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