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The magician places numbers 12345679 into the machine in that order, he asks the spectator to pick any number appearing in the window, a number is chosen, magician performs a quick calculation on the keys, and EVERY NUMBER IN THE WINDOW BECOMES THE CHOSEN NUMBER for example if the chosen number is 9 — the calculator window reads 999999999. This is a real shaker, on a machine the effect is quite instantaneous and surprising to the spectator.


As I stated earlier this is not a new idea, but

I haven't seen it used except by myself for some thirty five years in magic. The numbers placed in the machine are 12345679 — omitting the number 8, now whatever number is chosen by spectator — mentally multiply this number by 9, in our example 9 would be chosen and mentally multiplied by 9 = 81, now the numbers in the calculator window are multiplied by 81 — the resultant answer being 999999999. If the chosen number is 6, then 6 x 9 = 54 (mental calculation) 12345679 now actually multiplied by 54 in the machine = 666666666 which is the spectator's chosen number.

The summary of the above is as foliows:-

* 12345679 into machine window Spectator calls any of the above numbers i.e. 6

Mentally multiply 6 x 9 = 54 Multiply 12345679 x 54 on machine = 666666666

This procedure is adopted for any of the numbers. Continue to hide the multiplying number from spectator as you perform the calculation.

If you carry a pocket calculator with you most of the time, you can have a lot of fun with this routine, I hope you like it and may all your calculations be 17715 (SILLI) 111111111

This column is about to be written at high speed and for several reasons. First, your Editor, the Godfather, has been screaming down the 'phone about me being responsible for holding everything up. (I never knew I was that important.) Second I have only just realised that two issues are being published simultaneously. And third, twenty four hours from now I will be on my summer holidays and travelling north to Heaven (Scotland). I describe it as Heaven not because there is a resemblance (there isn't) it's just that for a couple of weeks I will be able to do nothing and THAT my friends is Heaven to me. To be able to have a long lie in bed, not to worry about shaving, or have to get to the shop on time (which I never do) to serve some snotty nosed kid with an Evaporated Milk Jug or to smile pleasantly when someone tells me about his new routine with the Change Bag "they really love it" he says when in fact he really means "I really love ME."

I'll be able to dodge the ramblings of Bobby Bernard on a Saturday morning and I won't have to listen to Fred Robinson convince me that this time he really has found a way of doing the Faro

Shuffle EVERYtime Yes, for a couple of weeks I am going to miss all of those things because I'm a Magic Nut, a real down to earth Magic Nut.

I was reminded of this a few nights ago whilst watching a rather mediocre magic act in the company of the aforementioned Bobby Bernard, Val Andrews and Harry Stanley. Bobby passed some remark about 'What were all the Magicians doing here tonight' (it was a non magical event) and I replied that they were naturally there to see the magician. Val turned and said "I remember the time when you would travel anywhere to see a magic act Bobby." To which we all added agreement "In fact, you've come here tonight to see one." And he was right, we had.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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