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Lucerne, Switzerland. Yes, I've just been there. I was booked to work in a hotel for one night only. The opening night of the hotel. There were three acts. A Scottish pipe band, a local brass band, with yours truly sandwiched in the middle. They told me all the high society of Lucerne was to be there and they were.

After the show I did a little close-up around the tables. Nothing different. Sponge balls, Ambitious card etc. In fact the things I've been doing for years. I know they work. The man responsible for engaging me was one Fugi Fuchs. Yes, that's a name. When I first met Fugi he was built like a beer barrel. Over the years he never quite convinced me that it wasn't a money belt he was wearing. These days he is a lot slimmer, but doesn't seem to be any poorer, so maybe it was just plain fat. Fugi is a magic nut, who owns a hotel, (not the one I was working in, although I wouldn't be surprised to find out that he did). He also owns a restaurant, and a joint he calls a wine cellar, which is a long room in the basement, with one long table down the centre where he entertains his customers. He plays for laughs and probably owns more magic props than any three magic shops. Does that tell you something? He's a lunatic, and has a knack of making you feel inferior because he has the ability, like many Continentals, of being able to converse in Lord knows how many languages. If you ever get to Lucerne, hit that wine cellar, you'll like it. Remember the name, Fugi Fuchs, because by 1984 you will be hearing it quite a lot. 'Nuff said.

I've had quite a bit of correspondence lately from Pabular readers, all of it complaining about my attitude on things magical. It seems I annoy a lot of people. Tell me something I don't know and I'll answer your letters.

I had intended going to the F.I.S.M. Convention in Brussels next month but at the moment it doesn't look like I'm going to make it, but for those of you who are going, have fun. The Americans will be there in large numbers, which brings me to something I read in Abracadabra recently. The boys in Birmingham are organising a shindig in their honour. If you can make it, be there. If there is one thing they can really teach us about close-up magic, it is that one ingredient which is almost a forgotten art over here, MISDIRECTION. Once in a while, they throw up a good one, and who knows, he might just be there in Birmingham.

It looks as if Paul Daniels has inherited the mantle of the late David Nixon with regard to magic on television in this country. For my money David was the greatest stand up talking act in this country (I'm talking about magic acts)

and Paul could be even better. He has a producer, John Fisher, who knows his way around a thumb tip, and he seems to have collected Ali Bongo on the way, as his magical advisor. This could be a triple alliance which will make magical history on television if the TV companies will come up with the money to enable it to happen. Paul's technical ability is unquestioned, so we might see a little more close-up on TV than we have been accustomed to in recent years. According to the press, there are several shows already in the can, to be screened in the coming weeks. Good luck all.

Talking about television, I had a call from Charlie Reynolds, and in case you don't know the name, he's the guy who lives in New York, and is married to Regina. Ah! now you remember. He tells me that Ziegfried & Roy are planning several spectaculars for the goggle box. Now if their act is anything to go by this should be something to behold We have seen most of the Doug Henning specials over here, and with luck we will eventually see the Z. & R. shows also. These days when a TV company makes a "special" it usually costs so much money that they just have to sell it worldwide to get their money back. In order to do this, the shows usually are really special, with big name guests, and lots of ballyhoo to go with it.

This of course is a good thing for the viewing public in that the quality of production of those shows is better, much better, than average. But it does present problems for locally produced shows which are not intended for worldwide distribution. How can a show with a modest budget, compete with a show costing close to a million dollars. I don't know the answer to that one either.


Patrick Page


"Presto 35B (Presto Magic). This clever idea, cooked up by geniuses Peter Crush and Roy Woodgate is, they claim, the first of its kind and I believe them. Since they wish to keep it exclusive to purchasers and are not divulging what it is or what it does, this review must concentrate on whether it is of any practical use. Let me state right away it is, being an item you almost certainly carry in your pocket that is cleverly faked to produce astounding effects. The concept is original, ingenious, the skilled manufacture excellent and the possibilities endless. You'll have fun devising your own effects, although there are three routines fully described by Peter Crush with excellent line drawings by Eric Mason to start you off. Precision is a word bandied around, often with abandonment, but it's here in this prop from which you should get pleasure and good magic. Recommended without reserve."

We aren't singing our own praises here! We quote from the review in Abra 1735, 28th April, 1979, under "What's New". We had a phone call from Holland. It was Bob Driebeek, one of the first purchasers of "35B". He was delighted, congratulated us on the invisible faking and told us how he had spent some time with Fred Kaps working on routines with it. He also ordered another one!


This is our first advertisement in PABULAR. Presto Magic is Peter Crush and Roy Woodgate. We invented "35B". We make it by hand ourselves. If you want a World First Exclusive, unobtainable elsewhere, send £15.00 UK, £16.00 all other countries.

Pabular is published after the second week in every month and-is printed in England. Subscriptions may be obtained from the publishers Pabular, P.O.Box 180, London SE12 8JJ England, or through many magic dealers. Subscription rates, including surface mail worldwide: UK: £7.00 (12 issues), £3.50 (6 issues), 60pence (single issue). Abroad: £8.00 (12 issues), £4.00 (6 issues), 70pence (single issue). USA S 15.00 (12 issues), $15.00 (12 issues), 87.50 (6 issues), Si.25 (single issue). AirMail Extra: USA 50 Cents per copy or 86.00 per year: Other rates on request. Editorial or Content Copy should be sent to Fred Robinson, Editor, 1 Crescent Court, 24 Crescent Road, New Barnet, Herts, England. Advertising rates sent on request.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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