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Included by popular demand is the famous Larry Jennings CHOP CUP ROUTINE - the one that fooled the experts. The two large load balls seem to come from nowhere! Acclaimed as the best Chop Cup routine in existance. Again many fine line drawings have been added to make the important details clear.

WKile some of the effects take advanced technical ability, most can be done with average skill and many are self working.

This book is typeset, fully illustrated with fine line drawings and a photographic frontispiece of Larry Jennings. Offset printed on a heavy grade paper with a glossy cover in two

\iN Dept p i B3.17th StfMt

Oakland, California, 94612 U.S.A.

or from your favorite dealer.

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Okay, now that all the excitement has died down over the Ramsay Reunion Weekend, is there anything left? Yes, fortunately, there is. There always is, thank heaven. That's one good thing about the magic game, these days anyway, there is always something happening, has just happened or is about to happen. In this instance, it has just happened. What has just happened, you may ask? Okay, I'll tell you.

cThecPkge bojr speak§..

I have just been to Spain. In this, their first election year for something like forty years, the Spanish magicians elected to have the Page Boy do a lecture and an act for them. As far as I can gather, they normally get around one hundred and fifty at their shindig. This year, they expected more, perhaps two hundred and fifty. What did they get? To everyone's surprise, it got close to four hundred. Was it a success? I'll say it was.

There were three lectures. The boy wonder, Fred Kaps, and Ron Macmillan. Whether by accident or design, all three lectures were completely different. I arrived at Cuenca which is somewhere in the mountains between Madrid and another part of Spain (if I explained where it was you still wouldn't know) at about seven o'clock in the evening and was promptly asked by Juan Tamariz if I would do my lecture. Yes.. I said..but when? At eight o'clock he said.

It turned out that I was the actual first event of the convention, because, as Tamariz put it, he wanted to open the convention with a bang. How's that for soft soap? So I did my lecture that evening and though I say so myself it wasn't a bad lecture. In fact, let me whisper this, it was so good, that Fred Kaps, who was lecturing the next day, had to pull out all the stops and did one of the best lectures I have ever seen in my life. He did everything I have ever seen him do almost, plus some others I had never seen before. Normally, Fred rations himself out very carefully, but on this occasion he didn't and the result was that he floored everyone present.

Ron Macmillan, did a repeat of the lecture I had seen him do a few weeks before in Switzerland, which is an expose of most of the manipulations in what can now be called his old act as he no longer performs.

For someone who no longer performs, Ron can still achieve a perfection of manipulation which can hardly be surpassed anywhere in the world, and if any convention anywhere requires . n a lecturer, and I'm not available, contact Ron Macmillan.

The close-up I did see was excellent. Tamariz did a routine with Jumbo cards, yes, close-up. Oil and water with several variations, Four Aces etc. There were two others who deserve a mention and in my usual fashion I scribbled down some names and have come up with two. Whether they are the same person or two different people I don't know but the names are Antoniode Estrada Carmena and Juan Carlos. One did an excellent demonstration of dice stacking, switching etc finishing up with large size dice under the cup with a colour • change or two on the way. The other did card work which I had a little trouble following because of the language problem (his, not mine) but he knocked everyone out with a selected card appearing inside a cigarette lighter which at that moment was being held by a spectator.

Talking about dice stacking reminds me that there was another convention recently. The Jack Hughes Diamond Jubilee held in King's Lynn, Norfolk and that Jacks' son Bernard who was responsible for these things had imported Jim Zachary from the U.S.A. to a close-up lecture and Jim's forte is dice stacking with a vengeance. Up up and up they go. At the same convention we had another U.S.A. import, one Darwin Ortiz. Darwin likes card tricks, so do I, so I like Darwin Ortiz. The only thing I don't like about him is that he's better than me. He had lecture notes and I liked the pun in the title of the notes. They were called Darwin's Theories. I like that, it's almost as good as Patrick's Pages of Magic which is the title of another set of lecture notes I have read somewhere.

Some time ago I asked for ideas re effects with a Queens Silver Jubilee theme. I got them, several of them and they were terrible. If that's the best you can do fellas, forget it. Which reminds me. Even further back I asked for solutions to a couple of problems, namely a selected card appearing up ones sleeve and how to load a glass of wine under a cup as in the cups and balls. I had several replies to those queries. Some of them were interesting and if you will bear with me we will publish those so-called solutions in a future issue.

One last item. In last month's issue you probably saw an add for tapes of the Ramsay Reunion. They are just about ready (they may well be ready by the time you read this) and I would like to thank everyone who has placed their order. Have you placed yours?

Patrick Page


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Fundamentals of Magick

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