Foivo the jack from beneath the break as per the standard Riffle Force. Cut the deck at the break, allowing the spectator to remove the force card.

3) As the spectator notes the selection, obtain a break beneath the fifth card from the top (the first jack in the seven-card face up stack). Take the selection from the spectator, and apparently insert it back into the center of the deck. In fact, utilize Tilt technique to place the selected card face down into the break.

4) State that you will use the aces to locate the chosen card. Flip the entire eight-card block atop the pack face down. (This is easily done, thanks to the natural break between the face up and face down stocks.) The top five cards are now lifted off of the pack. The quickest way to do this is to grasp the pack with the right hand from above. The right thumb easily picks up the top three cards, as the third card down (the selection) is reversed. Use the right thumb tip to pick up two more cards, and lift off all five top cards. Put the balance of the pack aside.

5) Ascanio Spread, displaying four face down cards. Square the packet. Say that you will cause the selection to fly from the pack to the center of the packet. Snap your fingers. Spread the packet, showing the selected jack face up in the center.

6) Extract the face up jack. Turn that card face down,.and place it on top of the packet. Perform a Half-Pass to secretly reverse the lowermost card.

7) Announce that you will do another bit of magic with the five-card packet. As you say this, perform a Five-Card Jordan Count, displaying five face down cards. (In order to be consistent with previous actions, it is best to do this count from a Biddle Grip).

8) Say, "I shall cause the odd card to reverse itself in the center of the packet." Snap your fingers. Spread the cards, displaying an ace face up in the center. You have apparently made a ^ mistake, as the spectators assume that the ¿j chosen jack is the odd card, among four aces. | Turn over the fan, showing that in fact the *

reversed ace is the odd card among four jacks. -a


David Hawkins item "Human Error" (Vol 7 No 8), prompted Les to send in the following. Using a Sharp PC-1251 pocket computer. This particular model has a liquid crystal display of 24 characters. 18 different programs can be defined and are instantly available, at the touch of a key. They are even retained, when the machine is switched off. No doubt there are other makes with similar attributes.


A spectator freely selects any card. The computer is introduced and switched on. It flashes up a series of questions/statements, which the spectator answers verbally. Finally, it reveals the name of the card.

This can be repeated several times. The magician does not see the card, until its name has been disclosed. Finally, the spectator is told to merely think of any card. Again the process is repeated. This time, however, the computer gets into an argument with the spectator. The conclusion is that the computer gives in and throws up a humourous message, which incorporates the assistant's name.


A pocket computer of the type specified above or similar. A pack of cards.


The cards are set up in the Si Stebbins system.

The computer is set up as per the table, below. Five programs are defined — "C", "H", "S", "D" and "X". The first four are similar in structure, with just slight variations in the wording, suits etc. Anybody who obtains one of these computers will easily manage this operation.

20: WAIT 300



73: IF C > =10 PRINT "A HIGH CARD .. ."

74: WAIT

80: PRINT USING "» tt * "; C; "OF HEARTS!"

85: END

140: END

220: WAIT 300



272: IF (H > 6) AND (H < 10) PRINT "A MEDIUM SORT OF CARD . . ."

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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