Run through the pack and throw out a red and a black card. For descriptive purposes we will assume them to be the Ace of Hearts and the Ace of Spades.

Have a card selected and returned to the pack. Control it to the top and obtain a little finger break under it as you pick up the two Aces which you hold face down in the right hand with the Ace of Spades uppermost. Spread them into position ready for the Overture Change.

Ask the spectator which of the two cards he would like to become the one he chose. "This one (turn the Ace of Spades face and replace it face down under and to the left of the face down Ace of Hearts) or this one" as you turn the Ace of Hearts face up, at the same time executing the change substituting the Ace of Spades for the chosen card. Return the Ace jof Hearts to the right hand face down, under and to the left of the face down card which is now the chosen one, the Ace of Spades being on top of the pack in the left hand.

Should the spectator wish you to change the card on the right to his selection return the other one to the pack after showing it and then turn the other face up to reveal that the Ace chosen has changed into the one he selected.

In the event of him choosing the one on the left (the Ace of Hearts) turn the chosen card on the right face up at the same time switch the Ace of Hearts for the Ace of Spades using the basic sleight.

The spectator will experience some confusion as the card other than the one he indicated changed to his selection, but the other card (the Ace of Spades) is not as he supposes the Ace of Hearts — so you must have changed the Ace he requested into his chosen card.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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