A Message from S.H.

Add on the numbers on the back of the card placed aside. The total produced gives a clue to the name written on the other side of the card. You can read it by standing on your head or turning the Calculator upside-down. Do whichever you prefer.

Regards, Sherlock

The cards are arranged in the sequence given with the numbers uppermost, the card with 18200 being at the top of the group. Place an elastic band around them, and place them in your pocket.


Remove the cards and after taking off the elastic band, hold them number side up in the left hand. Without altering the order of the cards, take a few off from the top with the right hand and point out that the cards have numbers on one side and words on the other. Point out that all the numbers and words are different, as you twist the right hand to show both sides of the cards. After showing a few of the cards, give the complete packet a false shuffle followed by a few genuine cuts. You can leave out the false shuffle if you wish.

Hand the packet to a spectator and request him to cut it a few more times. When he has done so to his satisfaction, note whether the top number is underlined at the beginning of the number or slightly in. If at the beginning, ask him to remove the top card and place it aside If slightly in, ask him to remove the bottom card and place it aside. If the STOP card arrives on top, ask him to cut once more.

Now have him call out the numbers on the backs of the cards remaining in his hand, dealing them in a pile on the table as he calls each one /T* out. As he calls them, add them up on a * ><

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