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BOB'S BUSINESS for the handkerchief rabbit Bob Read

This is an addition to the 'rabbit' described in Bert Allerton's book.

Prior to making the rabbit over the right hand, cop a handful of Maltesers (round chocolate sweets) or similar sweets in the left hand.

Make 'Percy' the rabbit, and explain that Percy loves lettuce — the green stuff. Whereupon the 'rabbit' nuzzles into the left outer breast pocket and emerges with a £1 note — the 'green stuff'.

The rabbit eats the note and you pause for applause. Shake the handkerchief out over the left hand, as though trying to retrieve the note. Remove the handkerchief keeping the note in its folds, and expose the Maltesers, or chocolate raisins on the left hand muttering "the dirty little

Card effects in which the performer does not handle the cards are comparatively rare. This item from the lecture notes of Tony Faro is superior to most as it can be performed with a borrowed pack, requires no set-up, no counting is involved, and there are no complicated instructions for the spectator to follow.

An ideal occasion on which to perform this effect is when you are asked to 'show a trick'. You reply to this request by suggesting that someone shows you one. Hand the pack to a spectator telling him that you will instruct him what to do. He is told to shuffle the pack and fan them out faces towards you. Taking one place it face down on the table, saying he will eventually discover its name in an unusual manner.

The card you take is determined by the first two cards on the left of the fanned out pack. Assuming they are the Queen of Hearts and the Six of Spades you would take the Queen of Spades.

This card is put face down on the table not allowing the spectator to see its face. How you decide which card to take will become clear as the explanation continues.

He is now told to deal the cards singly from the top of the pack face down into a single pile, and to stop dealing whenever he wishes. When he stops dealing request him to put the undealt cards aside, and to make two piles of the others by dealing them singly, again face down. The last card dealt will be the Queen of Hearts and the top card of the other heap will be the Six of Spades.

Inform him that he is now able to find out the name of the card you selected. Ask him to turn the top card of either pile face up. Supposing he turns over the Queen of Hearts tell him he now knows the Value of the card, and if he turns over the top card of the other heap he will also know its suit. When both cards are face up, point to the Queen saying, "If this card is a Queen and this card is a spade (pointing to 6S) what is the name of the card I chose?" When he names the card and not before, turn your card face up. It is preferable that he, and not you actually names the card.

NOTES:- The steal of the ring is akin to the Drop Vanish as done with a coin, but in this case it is an easy move as there is a logical reason for the right hand to encircle the left. The wrap around move also provides good cover for returning the ring to the left fist in a natural manner. As the title suggests all the moves should be made SLOWLY to obtain the maximum effect.



A signet ring is threaded onto a piece of string and held in the left hand with the string hanging down on each side of the hand. The hand is closed into a fist and the right hand wraps the string around the left fist, finally giving both ends of the string to a spectator to hold. The right hand now makes a pass over the left which opens and the ring falls free.

The only requirements are a piece of string about thirty-six inches long and a signet ring or something similar, the heavier the better. The ring is secretly removed from the string and returned to the left fist in the following manner:

(1) The left hand is palm up. The string lies across the hand with about sixteen inches hanging down on each side. The ring is threaded on the string and lies on the palm.

(2) Close the left hand into a fist and bring it to the front of the chest. The right hand now comes under the left fist in a cupped position and grips the string just below the left little finger between the tip of the thumb and the side of the index finger at the point where it joins the palm. Simultaneously the ring is allowed to fall into the cupped fingers of the right hand. The position is now as shown in the illustration.

(3) The right hand now moves forward under and around the back of the left fist collecting the other end at a point about three inches from the left thumb and then continues to wind both ends round the left fist. The ring is held in the loosely cupped right hand until it finally comes free of the string when it is allowed to drop into the left fist via the thumb opening.

(4) The two ends are now handed to a spectator, and a magic pass is made over the left fist, which then opens allowing the ring to fall free.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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