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The following is an approach to the Peter Kane "Wild Card" effect. No gimmicks are used. Six cards are required: two jokers, and four matching cards. (For illustration, we will say that the matching cards are kings of hearts). At the start of the routine, these are in order from the top: K,J,J,K,K,K when face down.

1. Hold the packet face down. Fan the cards out as five, as you state that you will use but five cards for the routine. Close up the fan.

2. Grip the packet with the left hand, pinch fashion (thumb on top, fingers below, as in the standard handling of the Elmsley Count). The right hand removes the top single card. Hold this card up to the audience, so that they can see that it is the KH. Table the card off to one side, face down.

3. Perform a Spirit Count, displaying (apparently) four jokers. The last card of the count goes to the top of the packet. The order, at the conclusion of this Count, will be J,K,K,K,J.

4. Hold the packet face up in the left hand. The face card (joker) is apparently removed — in fact, use a Necktie Second deal to remove the card second from the face. This card is tabled face down. The left hand retains the balance of the packet. The right hand reaches over and picks up the tabled king. This card is turned face up, and slid beneath the tabled card at centre. Grasp the two face-to-face cards at the outer end, and rotate the pair towards you, turning them over. Snap your fingers. Push the top card off to the right. Beneath it is a KH — the first joker has transformed. Move this KH off- to the left.

6. Repeat step 4. Obviously, this time when f you Necktie Second you must take care not to > expose the fact that you still have two cards in your left hand, as the audience believes you have only one. As the card second from the face is taken by the right hand, the left must immediately draw its two cards square as one.

7. You now hold two jokers, squared as one, in the left hand. State, "This final time I must be careful, for you now know what to look for. . ." Pick up the KH at right, and drop it face up onto the left hand card(s). The three-card stock is held square. The right hand openly removes the lowermost card of the face up trio (a joker), and replaces it face down on top of the left hand card(s).

8. You now apparently turn the packet over. In fact, utilise the following false turnover: the left thumb digs beneath the packet, and revolves the cards over book-fashion (Fig 1).

In a continuing action, the right hand grasps the packet from the outer end (Fig 2), turning the cards inward. The packet is actually turned over twice — but, if done in a fluid action, it will play as simply turning the cards over. Thus, the audience will believe the lowermost card of the (assumed) pair to be a joker.

9. The right hand lifts off the top two cards, as a unit, exposing a joker face up below. Say, "Oh — I forgot to snap!" Replace the right hand card(s). Snap your fingers. Now, the right hand removes the top single card, revealing the lowermost card to have changed into a king. (Actually, the left hand holds a squared pair — a KH above a joker).

10. Table the right hand's card, face down. The right hand takes the two cards from the left hand, squared as one, and uses this two-card block to scoop up the other three kings. Flip the .packet face down as you inquire, "How many kings does that give us?" Invariably, the spectator will say "four".

11. Say, "No, you forgot about our original king. . ." The right hand removes the lowermost card of the face down packet, and seemingly uses it to flip over the lone tabled card. In fact, perform a Mexican Turnover. Thus, the card flipped face up on the table is a KH. Replace the card now in the right hand face down on top of the packet.

12. Flip the packet face up, as you comment, "One king to start with, and four over here, gives us five in all." Perform a Jordan Count, displaying four KH's in your hands, to conclude.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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