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This short sequence of events plays very Ir well in a cut and restored rope routine. In fact B


the main focus of the patter is in the removal of a pair of scissors from the rope and the eventual restoration of the rope is not even mentioned!

You'll need the time honoured 1 metre length of best washing line and a pair of sharp scissors.

Begin by threading one handle of the scissors onto the rope and explain that it is absolutely impossible to remove the scissors without passing one of the rope ends through the handle.

Further explain that you will show them two methods of removing the scissors and proceed with the legendary method for the cut and restored rope effect. Take hold of the centre of the rope and appear to place it up in your left hand together with the rope ends. In fact you have switched the centre in the usual manner and the situation is as depicted in Fig: 1.

Ask for the loan of a pair of scissors and after a few seconds realise that you already have a pair on the rope. This is known as humour

Take the scissors and cut the rope at the assumed centre. Handle the scissors exactly as you would if they were not threaded on the rope.

Allow the end to drop from the left hand and slide the scissors off the rope ds you take a bow.

Fig: 2 shows the situation. This stunt'will amuse but definitely not amaze the audience.

Explain that you will demonstrate the second method and so saying, thread the handle of the scissors onto one of the lower ends of the rope. Pass the scissors up the rope and into the left hand and without pause pass one of the upper ends through the same handle.

This effectively transfers the scissors from the long piece of rope and onto the short piece.

Explain that you will further trap the scissors by knotting them to the rope. Tie a knot in the upper ends and you have succeeded in tying the short length ground the long length in exactly the same manner as you have done thousands of times before prior to the restoration.

Take an end of rope in each hand and the situation is as depicted in Fig: 3. You are about to free the scissors from the rope once again. Simply take hold of the handle which has the small piece tied to it and quickly slide the scissors along and off the rope. Hide the small piece of rope around the handle and then pocket the scissors. Finally comment that you understand how the scissors came off the rope but you can't understand how the rope has become restored!!! This point will not have been noticed by the audience and by drawing it to their attention, another round of applause will result.

THE FLIP SWITCH Douglas Cameron

This is an extremely easy coin switch but if you master the timing and general feel of the thing . . . you'll have another method of switching a coin at your disposal.

Begin with a copper coin finger palmed in your right hand and a silver coin on your table. Pick up the silver coin with your right hand and display it held at the fingertips.

Now for the move . . . Simply flip the silver coin backwards, over the copper coin and onto your palm. With a little practice you should be able to make the coin land in such a position that it can be immediately classic palmed.

Assuming that you have the silver coin in classic palm position, classic palm it as you tip your right hand towards the left and release the the copper coin, which falls into the hand and the switch is complete.

You can use the switch as you would any other and if instead of tossing the coin into the left hand and showing the change you simply push the copper coin up and into view, a startling instant change is achieved.

You now drop the copper coin into your left hand, retaining the silver classic palmed as before.

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Si une personne de la société veutl>ienm'honoreruiimsti»td« siccniuuce je commence iramediateiiieil mail t#ur,

J'escamote le Sultan! personne n'accepte le tour est enfwict !


Si une personne de la société veutl>ienm'honoreruiimsti»td« siccniuuce je commence iramediateiiieil mail t#ur,

J'escamote le Sultan! personne n'accepte le tour est enfwict !

Is the world changing too fast for me? Am I getting too old? If so, too old for what? Have you ever had the experience where you just know you are right and the rest of the world is wrong? This is not a new experience for me in that I am always right, but I am sure you understand.

The question I am trying to pose is, "is it only as one is growing older that one realises that some things are more important than others"? Or do young people have similar experiences? I no longer read magic magazines. A simple statement, to which no doubt you will reply Why?

I will allow you that one question. Why do you no longer read >piagic magazines? The funny thing is that I can't answer that question at least not easily, because I have no reason for not reading magazines anymore. Once upon a time I subscribed to several and I just seem to have let them lapse gradually.

I remember reading in the Pete Biro column in Genii Magazine that there perhaps forty magicians in the world who are doing the thinking f rest of us, and that most of them would ue contributing to his column. Maybe he just said that a number of them would contribute. I think I probably know most the forty he would list. I know how they think, I count some of them among my friends, and if they do some up with something good everyone jumps on it and I get to find out about it anyway.

The really big trick in our little game is to find something that everyone knows about but doesn't give credit to. I'll give you a simple I

ixample. The late Cecil Lyle's Tissue Paper to I

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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