EFFECT. fS Seven pairs of cards are shown, the pairs running in numerical order, a pair of aces followed by a pair of twos etc. One of the pairs is replaced in the pack and the remaining pairs split up. The pairs magically assemble once more as pairs in order, and the one placed in the pack at the beginning of the trick joins them.

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PLAY IT AGAIN SAM by Peter Duffie and Roy Walton


Run through the face up pack and remove a pair of sevens and place them at the face of the pack. Continue with a pair of sixes, fives, fours, threes, twos and aces. Do not bother about removing pairs of the same colour, just concentrate, on the values. Spread out the seven pairs on the face for a moment as if to check that they are all correct taking this opportunity to get a left little finger break two cards'below the pair of sevens. Close up the spread of pairs and lift them away from the face of the pack with the right hand, really taking all the cards above the break, so that the two extra cards have been secretly added at the rear of the seven pairs. The remainder of the pack is laced face down on the table.

Spread out the cards face up between the hands making sure the spectators understand that the pairs are in numerical order from the face, keeping the last three cards square as one so as not to expose the two extra cards. Square up the spread and turn the cards face down. Thumb off the two top cards and push them into the centre of the main pack. Say, "seven has always been my unlucky number, so I think I'll get rid of the pair of sevens."

The packet of pairs should be held face down in the left hand. You are now about to give the impression of splitting the remaining six pairs into two separate piles onto the table.

Push the top card slightly wilsh the left thumb and take the two top cards from the packet with the right hand, thumb at the near short end and the fingers at the far one, keeping the cards in their unsquared condition. Move the right hand so that the two cards rest on the table. Now place the second finger of the left hand on the back of the lower card of the pair pressing it against the table's surface, whilst the right hand moves a little to the right with the upper card leaving it on the table. During this action the left hand will need to twist exposing the face of the card at the bottom of the packet. Twist the left hand so that its cards are face down again at the same time getting a left little finger break under the top two cards. Bring the right hand over the packet and using the same grip as before move the top two cards as one, slightly to the right. Now use the left thumb to push the next card over slightly, enabling the right hand to take it below the 'one' it already holds and move away with the 'two' cards. Place the lower card ON TOP of the face down card already on the fable at the left hand side, again pressing on its back with the second finger tip of the left hand. The remaining 'one' is placed face down on top of the other face down card with the right hand, making sure to keep 'it' absolutely square as you do so.

Turn the left hand bringing its cards face down again and push the top two cards over to the right slightly in an unsquared condition. Take these two cards into the right hand using the same grip as before but prior to taking them away from the packet, use the left thumb tip to slide the uppermost card of the pair a little to the left of the one below it. Distribute this pair in the manner already explained, but this time the UPPER one goes on top of the LEFT hand heap and the lower one on top of the heap on the right.

Push the next pair over with the left thumb and take them into the right hand. This time the LOWER one is spread a little to the left of the upper one and the pair split and distributed as before.

Push the next two and this time use the left thumb to draw the upper one to the left before removing them with the right hand and distribute them.

You will now be left with three face down cards in the left hand, the audience thinking you just have the final pair. Push over the top card and take it into the right hand. Place it on top of the right hand packet, and as you do this put the last card(s) in the left hand quietly on top of the left hand packet. Your work is now over, but do not let your sigh of relief be too obvious.

Snap your fingers over the two face down packets and then turn the two top cards of the left hand packet face up with the left hand and place them still face up between the two packets. They will be seen to be a pair of aces. Turn the top two cards of the right hand packet face up with the right hand, showing a pair of twos place them on top of the aces face up. Continue this left/right sequence until all six pairs are assembled face up in the centre packet.

Point out that an extra card has appeared in each packet. Take these two cards, one in each hand and turn them face up in a display position to reveal the pair of sevens. Conclude by saying "Looks like my luck has changed."

(Carlos Colombini)

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