Roy Walton A Tribute

It is my privilege and pleasure to be invited to say a few words about Roy, who came to Scotland some ten years ago to manage the Glasgow branch of the well-known and respected magical dealers, L. Davenport and Co. This issue is especially welcome as it enables me to pay tribute to the one who encouraged and assisted me in my early efforts to master the technique required and to appreciate good card magic, both by advice and practical example. In the intervening years I have met many of the top experts in the field of card magic without my personal regard for Roy's work being in the least diminished. It is a real lesson in card magic to study his methods and the way he approaches a problem and arrives at an elegant solution. Although he is a master of advanced technique you will find that few of his tricks require any great manipulative skill, most being within reach of the average card handler. His effects are clear cut and have that simplicity which is ever the hallmark of effective card magic. Perhaps one day Roy will be persuaded to embark on a lecture tour which will enable many more to appreciate his incredible skill and inventiveness that has given me so much pleasure over the past years.

Until that time arrives many will have to content themselves with studying the tricks in this issue, and the numerous previously published and marketed tricks listed here.

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