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PANDORA — Eric Mason

I first saw Eric perform this effect several years ago and state quite objectively (not in any way prejudiced by the fact that he is a colleague on this magazine) that this is one of the funniest and most startling ways of producing a selected card that I have ever seen. In effect a card is selected and returned to the pack. The card can be marked if so desired. A small box is shown, it is circular with a hinged lid, rather like a ladies powder compact, but smaller. It is placed on top of the pack and opened. Out pops a jack in the box type of snake with the chosen card stuck to its nose. It is as quick and clean as that. There is no fumbling, palming or anything of that kind.

The impact comes because the card is bigger than the box that it is seen to come out

I have seen this effect performed for laymen and magicians. Always the result has been a gasp of amazement followed by a huge laugh as the audience realise the impossibility of what they have just witnessed. There are no awkward angles and you can be as close as you like. This is good commercial magic and at £5.25 great value. Cannot be too highly recommended.


Another off-beat idea from Eric. The price is £3.00.

In effect, the performer picks up an empty bottle — any bottle that happens to be lying around. He blows into the bottle, making a whistling sound then quickly places his hand over its mouth. A few seconds later he removes his hand and immediately the bottle repeats thfe same noise, giving the illusion that the sound was somehow trapped inside.

Although only a quickie, this would make a great way of "getting in" in a commercial situation. Just walk up to a table, pick up a bottle and do the trick. It is a good attention getter. Alternatively it could be used as a lead in to the coin in bottle. Highly recommended.


This is a version of the Al Koran "Flying Ring". A borrowed ring vanishes from the performer's fist and appears in a key case.

The difference between this method and the original is that Eric's version eliminates the use of a reel. This means that the key case can be in full view, even held by a spectator, before the ring vanishes.

The apparatus is well made and sure-fire. There is no getting set and everything can be examined before and after the trick. It does require a bit of handling practise but is well worth adding to your repertoire, especially if you "work the tables" and need a method that can be immediately repeated without having to retire to the 'gents' for ten minutes. Good value at £6.50.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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