Required Material

A pack of BEE cards, or another brand with normal indexes.

A pack of cards with the same brand, type and back colour, in the JUMBO INDEX version.

EXECUTION (close-up version)

1. Put into the pack of cards with normal indexes a single card of the Jumbo Index (for example the 10 of spades), slightly fold the corner of the corresponding card with the normal index.

2. Place the card back into the pack and the pack within its case.

3. Hand the pack to the first spectator, inviting the second one to leave the room, and ask him to carefully shuffle it.

4. When you take the pack back, thanks to the folded corner you can place the ten of spades with normal indexes on top.

5. Force by means of your preferred system, this card upon the spectator, ask him to look at it, remember it and impress in his mind its image.

6. Hand over to him the whole pack and invite him to return the selected card into the pack and shuffle it with care.

7. Call back the second spectator who will receive the pack from the first spectator.

8. You can now ask the second spectator to slowly skim through the cards looking at their faces, and observing them with care. As soon as one card has caught his attention, if and when it occurs, he must draw the card out of the pack and lay it on the table face down.

9. As soon as the card is on the table, ask the first spectator to name the selected card, and to turnover the card on the table and...everything shall correspond exactly.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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