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The above heading is no joke. If I may steal a line from Bob Orben, I now have, after a short visit to the USA, patriotic eyes, they're Blue, with Red Whites. The S.A.M. Convention in Boston was a four (or five ???) day affair, twentyfour hours a day. The great thing about Boston was that everyone seemed to be there, Vernon, Slydini, Kaps, Thompson, Neilson etc. etc. Goshman, Bongo, Salisse, Flosso, etc. etc.

In terms of close up, the most interesting was David Roth and Del Ray, mainly because I hadn't seen either of them before. Roth does things with coins which are just that little bit different. Don't ask me to describe what he did, several items are linked together in such a way as to defy a clean cut description afterwards, and come to think of it, I'm not too sure that that's a good thing. Suffice to say, he works very well, clean as a whistle, is on the way to becoming very original and will fool the pants off you.

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The Pageboy Speaks

Del Ray is a different proposition. A pro of many years standing, he knows exactly what. he's doing, and why. Apart from being an excellent cardman Del has a number of novelties which really have to be seen to be believed. A tiny bird which answers questions etc., a mouse which finds selected cards and obeys his commands and last but not least a pair of dice which will do ANYTHING. You throw them and whatever two numbers you ask for will turn up.

From Boston, a quick dash to New York to catch the MAGIC SHOW starring Doug Henning. This is a must for every magic nut. No close up, but you have just GOT TO SEE IT.

On to Los Angeles and of course, the Magic Castle. The two gentlemen performing in the Close Up Gallery were Jules Leniere (I hope the spelling is right) who performed the Flying Eagles a transposition coin effect and a couple of card items. Very competent and very direct. The other close up man was Danny Rouser, to whom I award top marks for one of the most unusual card effects I've ever seen. After several attempts to find a selected card, each one more humourous than its predeccesor, he eventually produces a goldfish bowl, with a live goldfish swimming around in it and the selected card standing upright in the centre of the bowl.

While in Hollywood I stayed with a very good friend of mine, Mrs Nancy Caldwell, with whom I am secretly in love. Nancy has a husband, one Mike Caldwell, who doesn't do close up, because he has never been able to get close up to anyone. Mike suggested we take a trip to Las Vegas for a couple of days, which proves he'll do anything to get me away from Nancy. Las Vegas, it's all you have read about it, and more. We saw several shows with magicians, but as this is Pabular, we'll stick to the close up men. I saw two. Daniele, a barman in the Desert Inn. French, tall, handsome, charming, impeccably dressed, in fact, the guy looks like a film star. He did two tricks for me, a Jack Avis dice routine called (I think) POKER POT, and a version of Kaps' Floating Cork using a seahorse and actually has it dance on the spectator's hand.

I'll remember Las Vegas for a long long time.

First Time Advertised — "CLIPSATION"

A completely new effect for the Close-up performer, using a brand new principle.

EFFECT: A paper clip is shown (Jumbo Size for greater visibility) and the performer explains that it has been endowed with the strange powers of the Phoenix Bird. The clip is pulled completely out of shape so that it becomes just a piece of twisted metal.

Continuing the story of its Phoenix like characteristics, the twisted piece of metal is dropped into an empty envelope which is then sealed.

The envelope is set alight and whilst still burning, dropped onto an empty ashtray.

When it has burned away, the performer pushes away the ashes and lying within them is the paperclip EXACTLY AS IT WAS BEFORE BEING TWISTED OUT OF SHAPE.

NOTE THE FOLLOWING STRONG FEATURES ■ There is no switch of paper clip • Envelope is unprepared ■ No skill needed — read the instructions and do the trick ■ Everything can be examined.

CLIPSATION IS A SENSATION that you cannot afford to miss!

L DAVENPORT & CO 51 Gt Russell St. London WC1. 01-405 8524

Old and unusual magic wands required by collector.

Peter Batkin, 79 Wembley Park Drive, Wembley, Middx.

•Magical apparatus made to order. Fred Snook, Dartington House, Senior Street, London W2.

Thanks to Pepys, a fifteen minute act with props found in any home or pub. The tricks include the production of a full bottle of wine from a handkerchief. Complete with patter (over 100 one liners) 60 pages, 50 photos. Just a few left. Direct from Bob Read, 32 Regal Way, Kenton. Middx. £2.50 post free.

Magic books by post, 21 Ravenhill Road, Lower Knowle, Bristol BS3 5BN. Lists lOp refundable

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Fundamentals of Magick

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