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Having fully accustomed oneself to what happens when the right hand actually takes the coin proceed to duplicate the actions, this time the right thumb tip brushes over the surface of the coin and when it meets the fingers the right hand turns and moves upwards (without the coin) towards the right stopping just before it reaches eye level. The eyes follow throughout this action, and the left hand drops down with the coin resting in its curled fingers. Blow on the right hand and slowly open it to show that the coin has disappeared.

After showing the hand empty let it drop to the side and it will be found possible to toss the coin behind the back from the left hand to right enabling the left hand to CASUALLY be shown, or be seen to be empty. It takes a little practice, but properly presented the illusion is

arthur setteringtoii

Would you like to hear the payoff to last months story about not working in a pub? Remember? Well, the agent, the first one that is, the one I wasn't really working for that night (although I was) called me and gave me another couple of dates. Don't ask me to explain it

either I'm getting better or this particular agent is mercenary.

Jay Marshall, he of the left hand with the acrobatic thumb, is back in town, ostensibly to appear at the Jack Hughes convention this coming weekend, but in fact, to look at any new shows which have opened in London since he was last here, buy some more books, steal a few jokes, and generally soft soap anyone who gets within firing range.

When you add to the foregoing the fact that the Magic Circle are holding their annual Collectors Day the weekend after next you will perhaps understand the Marshall Plan a little better. It is a simple plan which emanates from a simple mind. Just give him an excuse and he will come to England. The sad part of this tale is that if you don't give him an excuse he will still come because he has reached the age when he doesn't need an excuse he just has to think about it.

Mention of the Magic Circle's Collectors day reminds me that in the past I have made several requests in print, both here and in Abracadabra, the world's only magical weekly, for photographs of professional magicians, but so far the response has been but not quite nil. I am not sure why but the collecting of photographs has never really caught on with magicians. I know that almost every magician has several photographs lying around the house, in a box, a drawer, in an envelope sitting on a shelf somewhere, and one day they are going to end up in the dustbin. May I say, please, please, don't let that happen to the few that YOU have lying around. Send them to me or anyone else interested. I'm only sorry that I can't give the names of anyone else who is interested in the collecting of photographs hold it, yes I can Larry Barnes I don't know Larry's address so perhaps a better idea would be just to send them to me and I'll pass them on to him (he's got a hope).

I don't care whether they are old or new, male or female, gay deceivers, dealers or whatever. I'm more than willing to pay for them or exchange pics with you. The one thing I don't want YOU to do is to start collecting photographs yourself. If too many of you take that approach they might start getting scarce, which would annoy me intensly.

We have book collectors, prop collectors, film collectors and I even know one guy who collects anything to do with the I.B.M there are collectors of all kinds of magical trivia, but photographs? only me and Larry, and nobody wants to help. Shame on you. I'd even swap six of Jay Marshall for one of anybody, that is if I had six of Jay Marshall, which I don't.

It seems as if good photographs are as scarce as good magic acts.

I'll tell you what I'll do. I don't have any pics of myself, but if anyone cares to send me anything I will go out and get some pro pics taken and send them one personally autographed. Now that's got to be worth at least ten of Jay Marshall's. Or if you have ten pictures of Jay Marshall I'll send you one of mine.

atric age

And now, surprise time. Some of you, in fact many of you will recall that around a year ago I had a book on the Stocks called '150 Comedy Props'. Well due to circumstances beyond my control the book never arrived. Well look out because it is imminent. Yes, it really is. Actually printed. All we have to do now is wait just a little bit longer and we will be back in business.

Honest, it's true.


Patrick Page

Jeff Busby presents

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Fundamentals of Magick

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