The feke and shell are placed together in the match pocket on the right side (the pocket inside the right side coat pocket). . the remaining two normal coins are placed in the pocket proper.

The performer should be seated at the close-up table.

The pencil is taken into the left fingers, Fig.2, and the right hand reaches into the right coat pocket removing a normal coin. . this is placed onto the pencil after first showing the coin to the audience. Next the feke and shell are removed from match pocket. . . shell side to audience this unit is placed feke side down on top of the first coin on the pencil.. . at this stage the coins and pencil may be shown all around. .-. finally the last coin is removed from the right coat pocket and this is placed onto the pencil so that we have a position as in Fig.2.

Note: The angle of forty five degrees is important at this stage. . the coins are allowed to drop onto the fingers of the left hand. . pressure of these fingers stops the feke from releasing prematurely. . or rather the weight of the coins on the fingers prevents release.

Now with the left hand holding the pencil and coins as Fig.2 the left hand slowly brings the pencil to a horizontal position. . this is the position for the release. By slowly revolving the fingers the coins will separate and during this separation the feke will drop from the pencil. . as soon as the coin drops from the pencil the left hand is brought to a vertical position pencil flttd

pencil flttd whereupon the shell will now fall over the coin nearest the fingers to leave just two coins on the pencil.

At the conclusion of the release the released coin needs to be displayed to the audience or preferably examined. . this may be accomplished as follows:

As this routine is performed seated at the close-up table, the left leg should be crossed over the right leg forming a hollow within which items may be lapped, in this case the feke coin is dropped into the hollow. . the pencil being held in the correct position so the feke will arrive in the hollow when released. However, a duplicate coin is in position between the legs under the left leg, at the bend in the leg, Fig.3. All that is required of the performer. . is that the pencil should be correctly positioned so as to release the coin over the hollow formed by the legs and as the coin drops the right hand immediately picks up the duplicate coin from the lap dropping this coin onto the table for all to see or examine. The two coins left on the pencil are not suspect.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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