From the single, extra piece of newsprint, carefully cut out one word. Stick it onto a fragment of the double sided adhesive tape and trim the tape down to the size of the tiny fragment of paper. If you remove a section of tape, slightly larger than that required and retain the none-adhesive backing strip, this can be used to protect the sticky side of the gimmick until needed.


The basic method is very simple and bold.

Just prior to the performance, obtain the gimmicked scrap of paper and have it resting on your second finger, adhesive side uppermost

Invite a spectator to pick up the newspaper (they can use their own, if desired) and to select a sheet, containing plenty of small print. Have them tear it into small squares.

Ask the spectator to mix up the pieces and to select one. When this has been done, just for a moment, take the selected piece from the lady, saying that you do not want her to look at it just yet. Have her close her eyes and turn her back. While this is being done, turn the selected piece of paper upside down and stick the gimmick to it, as shown in Fig. 2, so that the latter is right way up.

Place the paper into the person's hand, so that it is upside down and the only word, which is right way up and therefore instantly readable, is the one on the gimmick.

When the lady opens her eyes, which she does for just a fleeting second, to look at the first word that she sees, the only one, which is readable will be the right way up one. Provided that you do not allow the spectator to keep her eyes open for more than an instant, she will be vgputtuiap no()«n)Th q^iA pu« pefifow} aq jjim' lafqojd aip sdvqjad 'paua?«â/ /T Htrep ajppiui aq^ jo uoi| ? Regency Belgravia}«if} "} ig süiaiqoaif fBtäörpu« ¡«o )w>![ap ifliM ^qâtiBjj pin» ^ joo si aou«[«q aip Suissaif |3w> aqx -jadopAap aifl jo ji

Fig.2 The only word that can be read insta

£ pajjoB^s ¿¡iA«aq are pjd [«laos pire oimouooa t / «[dnoo ^aaaido[dAap 9ura> /•a«j pure suoi^«jii3aj totally unaware of this fact and will often believe that she was, in some way, hypnotised. This is not one of those stunts, wherein the spectator becomes a stooge. Correctly worked, she will be more baffled than anybody.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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