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I have found this to be a very appealing routine, mainly because of the "little salt man", the mistake that he makes and the apparently impossible way that matters are set to rights. Do not, however, forget to get rid of the wrong card on top of the pack. There are any number of ways of doing this. A simple cut is one of the best.

Concerning the best moment to make the change and whether it is best on the first or second stroke of the card. Do not forget, you are stroking away salt, so you must simulate that action. I make the change, when I feel the cards to be in exactly the right position. Sometimes I need one stroke to get them there. I will make the change sometimes on the third stroke, sometimes on the first and sometimes on the second. It all depends on the exact situation ^ and the feel of the cards.

As said earlier, this is a change, which can be done when the hands are being watched very closely. It is a challenge, a change, and it is imperceptible.

It may appear to some folk that giving detailed positions of the salt pot, the hand movements and the spread, is unnecessary. I would very much challenge that assumption. Indeed, one of the great problems with close-up magic is that often things just do not flow into a smooth routine. This is so usually because the performer has not thought out in advance and has not practised where he will place say the deck of cards at a particular point; or how he will hold the chosen card. So, when he comes to do a specific sleight, his hands are in the wrong position. To quote the words of Dai Vernon on page 112 of Lewis Ganson's Dai Vernon's Ultimate Card Secrets. Vernon says "Of utmost importance in performing any 'steal', 'pass' or such move is how you 'go into it'." Then he goes on to speak specifically about the pass, but this can be applied, of course, to any move. It is so important in the descriptions of moves, that attention be given to each and every detail. For instance, in the "Little Salt Man", the way that you hold the card prior to the change. The way that you pick it up off the table. The card already needs to be in the correct position in the right hand. It must not need adjusting prior to the move. Then there is the positioning of the salt pot. All of these things are crucial to the smooth running of the routine.

Many readers will already know all of these things, but after watching several performers recently, it is certainly something worth repeating. I certainly concur with everything that Dai Vernon says on the subject.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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