Pocket Palm

Gordon Bruce

I lirsi sent an explanation of this method of producing a palmed card from the trouser pocket to Dai Vernon some ten years ago.

It gave me considerable pleasure to hear that he used it during his Californian lecture seven years later and it is an opportune time to describe it once more for two reasons.

It first appeared in Epilogue which at that time had a circulation of 100 copies and has more recently been incorrectly described in the Magic of Francis Carlyle'. In view of the above a repeat explanation seems warranted. So here it is.

There are many tricks which finish by the performer apparently removing a card from his pocket while it is really palmed in the hand. The procedure used is not usually convincing and only serves to weaken the effect. When the performer stuffs his hand into his pocket the procedure is inartistic and clumsy, and I doubt if the spectator really believes that the card was really in the pocket.

Of course, some tricks of this type convince the spectators beforehand, e.g. Francis Carlyle's 'Homing Card'. The following is the procedure used by the writer.

1. Begin with a card palmed in the right hand, gripped by the little finger tip and the base of the thumb at diagonally opposite corners. Don't bend your hand around the card; the card should fit the natural contour of your hand. Also, it helps to point the right thumb towards your second finger.

2. You're about to remove the card from your pocket. As the hand approaches the pocket bend the first finger in slightly and raise th£j;humb as shown in (1).

3. Insert the thumb and first finger only into the pocket. The other three fingers are flat against the trousers, outside the pocket, as in (2). Once the first finger and thumb are inside the pocket the other three fingers can be spread against the cloth of the trousers (3). This convinces the spectators that you did not have a card palmed.

4. Tilt the right hand so that the fingers point towards the floor arid move the wrist slightly forward. Then move the whole hand down until the lower long edge of the card touches the bottom edge of the pocket opening (4).

5. Now move the back of the hand forward, allowing the card to fall inside the pocket and grasp it between the thumb and first finger.

6. Remove the card from the pocket, and as it emerges it is seen to be held by the finger and thumb at the extreme corner (5).

7. The whole action takes only 2-3 seconds and as only the thumb and first finger go into the pocket there is no possibility of it being suspected that during the action a card has been introduced into thfe pocket. Another very important detail is that once the finger and thumb are inside the other three fingers are spread open. This point was made earlier in the text but a second mention will help to emphasise the importance of this detail.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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