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In spite of what the title maythis I®!*' is not a gambling routine, but rather a illustrating the eating habits of killer sharks. W Since the film 'Jaws' is the talking point of the moment, the plot cannot fail to invoke interest.


Remove the Jack of Clubs from a pack and with a sharp pair of scissors cut it in half across its width, using a zig-zag pattern. See (1). Place one half on top of the pack and the other half at the approximate centre position of the pack. Also arrange that the King of Clubs is immediately above this half at the centre which should be facing the same way as the rest of the pack with its back against the face of the King of Clubs. Place the pack in its case.

CARD SHARK by Roy Walton


Remove the pack from the case but leave behind in the case the half card that was on top of the pack. Close the card case and leave it on the table.

Tap the appropriate end of the pack on the table a couple of times, which will cause the half card to square up neatly with the end of the pack. Keep your hand positioned on the long sides of the pack to prevent the half from breaking through during the tapping action.

Position the pack face up in your left hand as in (2) with the third and fourth finger tips obscuring the index corner of the King of Clubs, and lower the outer end of the pack so that the face card becomes visible to the spectators. You will find that you can hardly see the zig-zag line across the centre of the cards.

Talk about the film 'Jaws' and say you would like to illustrate a sequence from the film with a pack of cards. Point to the face card with the right hand remarking "The Jack of Clubs will represent a swimmer." Twist the left hand so that the face card is away from the audience and with the left forefinger push about half the upper section of the pack down slightly causing it to injog. With the right hand remove this injogged section and replace it on the face of the pack positioning it so that it is injogged for about one and a half inches. Turn the left hand bringing the face of the pack towards the audience and place your right thumb on the short inner end of the injogged block and the tips of your fingers on the face of the Jack of Clubs, (3). Now move your right hand forward so that the injogged section is brought square with the rear portion. This action will automatically leave the Jack of Clubs outjogged from

the end of the pack for about one and a half inches. Leave the pack in the left hand with its face towards the audience.

Continue your story saying "the pack represents the sea and the card case represents the shark." With the right hand slide the card case below the cards being held in the left hand and rest pack on the case, (4). Say, "the shark is at the bottom of the sea, and the swimmer is swimming in the sea. Suddenly, gobble, gobble, gobble and look what has happened." Slowly remove the protruding Jack of Clubs with the right hand revealing the half card with its zig-zag cut producing an amusing reaction from the audience. After a slight pause request a spectator to look inside shark (card case) where he finds the other half of the Jack of Clubs. Look at the spectators and say, "is there a surgeon in the

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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