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The following counting procedure may be found useful for various routines. It allows the performer to apparently display four cards, one at a time, each slowly and fairly — and yet in fact display only two of the cards' faces, each being shown twice.

Assume, for example, you wish to show four cards as being four jokers. Two of the cards are indifferent, and the starting order is, from the top: face down X card; face up X card; face down jokers.

The packet is held face down in the left hand, Mechanic's Grip, Rotate the hand palm down (i.e. Glide Grip), revealing the face card to be a joker. The right hand removes this joker, allowing the second joker to be visible at the face of the left hand stock. Hold up the card in the right hand. Snap it over face down, to emphasise its singularity, and replace the card face down beneath the left hand stock, in line with the rest of the packet.

Turn the left hand palm up again, and apparently turn the joker just displayed face down. In fact, do a Triple Turnover. The top single card (supposedly the joker just turned over) is dealt onto the table, face down. As you do this, the left hand again turns palm down, concealing the indifferent card behind the card just dealt off.

Remove the face card of the packet (the second joker) with the right hand. Another joker (actually, the first) will be visible at the face of the left hand stock as this card is taken away. Snap the card face down, and replace it face down beneath the left hand stock.

Turn the left hand palm up, and do a Double Turnover. The top single card (supposedly the second joker just turned over) is dealt onto the tabled card.

Rotate the left hand palm down. Remove the face card (joker), snap it face down, replacing it below the left hand stock. Turn the left hand palm up, flip the joker face down, and]

/deal it onto the tabled stock. You are ieft with Sone card in the left hand — another joker. Display this last card, snap it face down, and use it to scoop up the tabled pile.

You can stop here, or if you really feel like gilding the lily, you can go into a variant of the VHamman Flushtration Count: hold the cards face down in the right hand from above (Riddle Grip). Rotate the right hand palm up, showing a joker. Rotate the right hand palm down, and Pdraw the top card off into the left hand with the yJ left thumb. Now rotate both hands palm up, ( displaying a joker at the face of each hand's .stock. Rotate the hands palm down, drawing the top card of the right hand stock onto the left. Repeat this rotation-and-display sequence for the last two cards. By this time, the spectator should not only be convinced that you have only four identical jokers, he should also be rather sick of the whole thing

It is worth mentioning that, at the conclusion of the Spirit Count which ends my "Cry Wolf" routine, the cards are set up for the Snap-Turn Count just described.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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