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Since Bill Simon introduced his business card prediction in that excellent work "Effective card magic", this idea has always intrigued me, and consequently I have used this in various forms from time to time.

Now that Larry Jennings has released his improvement on the original handling eliminating the weak points in "Stabbed Coincidence" perhaps you would like to try this variation as an alternative to the business card. I am sure you will be delighted with the resultant effect on the audience.


A blue pack is displayed to the audience, all cards faces are different, the pack is then shuffled by the performer ajid fanned before a spectator, face down position. The spectator is handed a card with a blue back, but not the same pattern as the pack in use, the spectator is requested to push the single card into the pack at any point. This done, the magician remarks on the likeness of the single card to the pack, and that because of the likeness of this card to the pack the spectator may become confused, so therefore in order that everything should be as fair as possible the magician turns the single card over to show the card's opposite side and the card is seen to be now completely contrasting with the pack. . as the side now on view is RED and spectator is able to distinguish the card quite easily from the remainder of the pack. The inserted card is now pushed flush with the pack, the pack is next turned face upwards and fanned again before the eyes of the spectator. . . with the request that he remove the odd single card ^

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