Start with the pack half face down in the left hand. Remove the top card (AS) and without showing it push it face down into the approximate centre of the pack, taking a left little finger break above it as you square the pack. This is a casual action, performed before commencing the trick.

Cut the pack at the break point, completing the cut but retaking a left little finger break below the upper half of the pack as the pack is squared after the cut.

Tip the left hand slightly so that the back of the top card is hidden from the spectators. Keep the left fingers close together near the outer end of the pack ensuring that a back is not flashed when you tip the pack.

Remove the top card of the pack with the right hand and show it to the audience (AS). Having drawn attention to its value, replace it FACE UP on top of the pack. Once it is in pack in its face up condition. Do this by cutting the pack at the break point and completing the cut. No break is held after this cut, so make sure the fairness of the procedure is noticed by the spectators.

Remove the top card and show it — it will be a king. Push the king face down into the centre of the pack and as you square the pack take a little finger break above it.

Mention something about the king being lost in the pack and as you explain this give the pack THREE cuts, taking a left little finger break between the two halves as you square up between each cut, and cutting at this break point each time you cut. The three cuts should be carried out fairly rapidly and casually. End with the pack face down in the left hand and no break being held.

State the name of the king you placed in the centre once again, and then rub the back of the top card of the pack with the fingers of the right hand in a magical gesture. Move the left hand towards the spectators and in this action twist the hand at the wrist turning the pack completely over, and with the left thumb push off the king letting it fall onto the table face up. The pack has been turned completely over, but the misdirection of the king being thrown face up completely covers this.

Say, "do you remember the name of the ace I placed face up in the pack at the beginning of the trick?" Whatever the reply, spread the pack face down and say "Well it has now changed to the other three kings."


This is a story card trick in which the cards are used to illustrate what happens to two Earth-men when they visit Mars.


In addition to a normal red backed pack of cards you will need a King of Spades and a King of Clubs with blue backs. Reading from the top of the face down pack it must be arranged as follows. Queen of Clubs, face up King of Spades, about half the pack, face up Queen of Spades, King of Clubs with blue back, about a dozen cards, King of Clubs, about a dozen cards, King of Spades with blue back, and the remainder of the pack.


Run through the pack from the face and remove the King of Spades and the King of Clubs as you come to them, placing them face up on the table, the King of Clubs resting on the face of the King of Spades. Turn the pack face down and hold it squared in the left hand.

Explain that the pack will represent the planet Mars and the King of Spades and King of Clubs two Earthmen who are going to visit Mars. During this explanation riffle down the left hand long side of the pack until you see the face up Queen of Spades. Keep a break at this point by pressure of the left thumb against the edge of the pack.

Say, that after travelling for many weeks the Earthmen eventually landed their spaceship on Mars and made their first tentative steps on the planet. Illustrate this by picking up the King of Clubs and putting it face down into the break point being held by the left thumb (right above the Queen of Spades). Position the King of Clubs so that it partially covers the left thumb. Under c over of this card the left thumb riffles two cards and inserts the King of Spades face up at this point. There are now two cards trapped between the two kings, which are protruding from the pack. The position of the two kings are adjusted so that they extend for about an inch over the short end of the pack perfectly squared.

Grip both cards at the centre of the short end with the right thumb above, and the fingers below as in (1). Holding them locked together pull them out from the pack for approximately another inch. This action will secretly pull the two trapped cards out of the pack, but this will be unknown to the audience. All the preceding actions are carried out as you explain about the spacemen landing on Mars.

With the right hand first finger push on the outer short end of the King of Clubs so that it travels into the pack, stopping when it lines up with the pair of cards beneath it. You are apparently just moving it down to reveal the face up King of Spades below it (2). Say, "they looked around and decided that Mars looked just like the Earth."

With the right hand take hold of the face down King of Clubs (really three cards as one) with the thumb on the back and the fingers on the face at the outer short end, and remove it/them and place the three cards as one face up on top of the pack. Immediately they are square on top of the pack, use the left thumb to push the single King of Clubs slightly off the pack. Now remove the King of Spades from the pack with the right hand and take below it the King of Clubs from the top. Both Kings are now being held in the right hand away from the pack.

Say, "although everything looked normal when they were face to face things were far from normal when they turned round." Here turn the two cards in the right hand face down and say "their backs had turned blue."

Continue your story saying how they did not want to go through life half pink and half blue, so they decided to try and capture a Martian or two, to see if there was a cure for their condition.

Square up the two kings and hold them face up in the right hand in position for the Ovette/Kelly Placement Move so that as you apparently place them face up on the top of the pack. You really only put one on top (the King of Spades) and the other ends up secretly on the bottom of the pack.

Spread the top three cards of the pack and the two spacemen will be seen to have captured a face down Martian between them. Remove the three card spread with the right hand and place them on the table for a moment. Separate the three cards and push the face down one out from between the kings, leaving it face down on the table.

Gather up the two face up kings with the right hand making sure the King of Clubs is on the face. Square them up with the assistance o the fingers of the left hand, which is still holding the pack, and again grip them in the right hand in the Ovette/Kelly placement Move position.

Place them again on the top of the pack, and again carry out the Placement Move, the King of Spades going secretly to the bottom and the King of Clubs ending up face up on top.

Spread the top three cards again and a second Martian will be seen face down between the face up Earthmen (alright Kings, if you haven't got my imagination).

Place the face down card aside with the previous one, and the two face up kings in a slight spread a little apart from them.

State that when the Earthmen questioned the Martians about a cure for their 'blues', they said the only cure was to marry a Martian. Turn the face down cards face up as you say this. Continue "as the Martians were two very beautiful young ladies, the Earthmen did marry them and were cured." On the final line turn the kings face down to reveal their red backs. Conclude by muttering "I think it was a Martian form of a shot gun wedding."

The add on move used in this routine was developed whilst playing with a sleight originated by Gordon Bruce.

gyotfr cvei^y own


A group of cards is mixed by a member of the audience and then magically sort themselves out into suit order.


Run through the pack and find four hearts placing them face up in a pile on the table, followed by four, spades, four diamonds, and four clubs. Place each set of four on top of the previous one to form a face up pile of sixteen cards. Place the remainder of the pack aside.

Run through the face up group and up jog two clubs, two diamonds, two spades and two hearts. Strip this group of eight cards out from the others and put them face down below the remaining ones. Point out to the audience that you have removed a pair of each suit and placed them below the remaining cards. To emphasise, spread the cards out between your hands to show the face down ones at the bottom. As you close the spread get a left little finger break below the top two cards of the face down group i.e. below the upper ten cards of the complete group.

Appear to cut the upper face up cards off with the right hand, simulating a thumb-riffle at the inner short end to see where the two groups meet, but really just cutting off all the cards above the little finger break. Place the face down group on the table with the left hand, making sure that they are perfectly square.

Say that you will split the face up group into two sections each to contain one card of each suit. Do this by running through the face up packet and outjog alternate cards starting with the second from the face (a club). When you come to the eighth card (a heart — but really three as one), move the three as one to the upjog position, and in a continuing action strip out the spade, diamond and club immediately in front of them placing them still face up below the other four face up cards.

Thumb over the club, diamond, spade and heart at the face and in this spreading action outjog the heart slightly. Take these four cards into the right hand, thumb on the face and fingers on the rear and say, "one card of each suit." Turn the four cards face down by twisting the right hand inwards, and replace them below the cards in the left hand. As you square up the complete group with the assistance of the right hand get a left little finger break below the face down heart that will now be conveniently injogged for you. If you check the position, you should now have a break below the upper seven cards of the group.

Thumb off the next four face up cards and take them into the right hand as before saying, "the other four suit cards." Turn them face down and appear to place them below the other cards in the left hand, but really pull down with the left little finger at the break and insert them at this point (Ed. Mario's Pull Down Move). As soon as they enter the break point, release the break and square up the complete group. Watch your angles on the pull down move.

Thumb over the top four face down cards showing them to a spectator saying, "four suit cards for you, will you please mix them up." Explain that he must not look at them or let anyone else get a glimpse of them.

Whilst he is mixing his four suit cards you apparently mix yours. Actually you carry out a simple overhand run shuffle as follows: run three into the left hand and throw remainder on top of them, run one into left hand and throw remainder on top, run three into left hand and throw remainder BELOW them. Remember you are only supposed to have four cards so keep them as square as possible when shuffling.

When the spectator has mixed his group to his satisfaction request him to place it face down on top of the face down group on the table, that was placed there at the beginning of the trick. Place your cards face down on top of his.

Pick up the complete packet and hold it face up in the left hand. Thumb off the pair of clubs at the face placing them face up on the table. Continue doing this with the next three pairs, so you end with four pairs in a face up row on the table — in club, diamond, spade, heart order reading from left to right. Turn the remaining cards in the left hand face down.

Thumb off the two top cards from the left hand and drop them face down on the top of the face up club pair, and continue this with the remaining three pairs in the left hand, placing them respectively on the diamond, spade, and heart pairs.

Point out that the face up pairs have a strange power to influence the shuffled face down cards that are resting on them. Turn each face down pair over to show they are of the same suit as the face up pair below them.

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