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This version of Larry Jenning's NUMERICAL ACES is a simplified one devised to bring the handling within my own capabilities. The effect remains the same.

Look through the pack for the Four of Diamonds and cut the pack immediately to the left of it bringing it to the bottom of the face up pack. Next locate the Three of Spades and slip it below the Four of Diamonds. Repeat with the Two of Hearts and then the four Aces which may be in any order.

Holding the pack face down in the left hand turn the top four cards face up revealing them to be the Aces. Openly arrange them in the following order — Diamonds, Spades, Hearts, Clubs, the Ace of Diamonds being the top card of the packet of four face up cards.

Square up the Aces, and in so doing get a left little finger break below the top eight cards i.e. four face up Aces and the four face down cards immediately beneath them. Pick up the cards above the break with the right hand, thumb at the inner end and the fingers at the outer end. With the left thumb pull the face up Ace of Diamonds onto the top of the remainder of the pack in the left hand leaving it jogged half way over the right hand side. Name this Ace, and then with the left edge of the right hand packet flip it over face down on top of the pack. Repeat these moves with the next two Aces naming them as you do so, and then put the Ace of Clubs with the four face down cards on top of the pack holding them squared as one card naming it as you do and then turn it face down. It is important that each Ace is named before turning it face down as you want to impress their order on the audience.

You now inform the audience that if the Aces were dealt in a row from left to right they would be in reverse order, namely — Clubs, Hearts, Spades and Diamonds. This you proceed to do and ask, "Would it make it easier if I named them one, two, three and four?" Without waiting for an answer turn the cards face up starting with the one on the extreme left to reveal the Ace of Clubs, Two of Hearts, Three of Spades and the Four of Diamonds.

Remarking that you intended to show some magic with the four Aces as you give the pack any false shuffle which retains the top four cards and continue by pointing to the Two of Hearts saying, "This is where the Ace of Hearts should have been." Pull it towards you saying, "As it is a two we will count to the second card in the pack." Take the top card of the pack counting "One" and as you count "Two" flip the next card face up to reveal the Ace of Hearts. Slip the card in the right hand under the Ace of Hearts which you then deal onto the table on the spot vacated by the Two of Hearts which you put face down on top of the pack.

Next pull back the Three of Spades naming its suit and value and count off two cards and on the count of "Three" flip over the next card (using the two cards in the right hand for this purpose) to reveal the Ace of Spades. Slip the two cards in the right hand under the face up Ace and deal it onto the table next to the Ace of Hearts and pick up the Three of Spades and put it on top of the pack.

Finally, pull back the Four of Diamonds naming its suit and value and count off three cards from the top of the pack using them to turn over the fourth card which proves to be the Ace of Diamonds. Put this Ace in the position vacated by the Four of Diamonds which is put on top of the pack. You may now continue with your favourite Four Ace trick.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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