Odd Optic

(an Icebreaker)

To take ones harp to a party and not be asked to play does not only apply to harpists. At least it is hardly possible to get a harp into a room without anyone seeing it, but a close-up magician can have a pocket full of material without the company being aware of it. This is where the 'Icebreaker' is useful to get started, and once away you can follow with one or two of your favourite effects without having to openly ask if they would like to see a trick, always a dodgy business as someone might say "No", particularly if they have on a previous occasion been trapped into having to watch a seemingly non-stop succession of tricks completely lacking in entertainment value and from which they have been unable to escape. Even if you are not that type of performer an 'Icebreaker' should be used with discretion and only when you feel that the mood of the company is such that your efforts would be appreciated.

Place the tips of the index fingers together and bring them to within a couple of inches of the bridge of the nose and gradually move them apart. If at the same time the eyes are focused at some object beyond them a small sausage shaped object will appear between them. This is well known, but an added bit of fun can be obtained by getting someone to try it and when they say they can see the 'sausage' make a grab at it and produce an imitation sausage or a piece of plasticine as near skin colour as possible and shaped similar to the shape they see.

Instead of the index fingers this variation uses a couple of cork tipped cigarettes. The spectator brings these up to the same position as the fingers, with the cork tips of the cigarette touching. The cigarettes are separated as were the fingers, and instead of the 'sausage' a cork tip will appear. You make a grab and take this tip from between the cigarettes, of course it is one you had clipped between the first and second fingers. — End of 'Icebreaker'.

Having broken the ice you now go into the old three pellet routine wherein you have three pellets of paper in the left hand and one is removed and placed into the pocket only to return to the left hand, only in this case the cork tips are used, the one produced and two which you break off the cigarettes. The fourth one required has been concealed in the left hand from the start. You are now away and the question remains when to stop. The late Nate Liepsig ceased immediately he noticed one of the ladies was not paying attention and is probably an idea most of us could adopt with advantage.

p. duffie

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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