Noses Galore

In "Thanks to Pepys" I described a bottle production from a handkerchief using the appearance of 4 coins as misdirection.

This is a comedy build-up to the same trick. Perform the haunted handkerchief — the one with the make believe hair. George Blake has a good routine in More Master Magic.

Finish the routine by opening the handkerchief over the left hand, drop a coin into it from the nose (coin concealed throughout in Right palm). Pick up coin and place in Right pocket. Cop a nest of 2 plastic noses and say "I'll do that again." Pretend to squeeze another coin from your nose and leave plastic noses stuck on it. Look up — audience will notice the addition. Say "This isn't my real nose" remove outer plastic nose — "This is my real nose" point to remaining plastic proboscis. Under cover of laugh cop the bottle as described.

bob r^ead

Use line "Well you'd have a nose like mine if you drink like I do."

Prepare to meet thy BOON!

The wonderful thumbwriter that HAS to be the best — still the greatest little gimmick in the world — 20 years continuous sales can't be wrong! Simple, invisible. NOT a nail writer. £1.00 or US $2.50 inc. Air Mail. Eric Mason, 39 Dennis Park Crescent, London SW20 8QH, England.

KANT TEAR PAPER (2"x3") 100 Blanks Plus 12 SEX GAG CARDS £2.00 (#5.00) 'TOM' FITZGERALD, 2814 Washington St., Wilmington, Dela. 19802 U.S.A.

"Penultimate Cups and Balls" A Comedy presentation for a classic routine. 80 photographs. Obtainable only from Bob Read, 32 Regal Way, Kenton, Middlesex, England. £ 3.00 #10.00 Airmailed U.S.A.

News come that The Magic Club, Preston is in the process of planning a Special close-up session towards the end of the year. This is welcome news indeed for magicians whose interest lies in the close-up field. Proposed registration fee round about £15 which includes a night in a first class hotel, three meals on the Sunday plus lectures, competitions and performances by top performers from Europe and the United States as well as U.K. specialists. Cannot be bad, Pabular will be there.

Some time ago we decided not to report happenings in magical societies as they were not of general interest to the majority of our readers. We have to make an exception. A lecture given by ALEX ELMSLEY at the Pentacle Club and the Zodiac Magical Society was repeated at the Magic Circle in June 2nd cannot be allowed to pass without comment as it encompasses the finest straight card act we have ever witnessed. Commencing with a talk on Presentation and Misdirection lasting some twenty minutes the lecturer gave us his thoughts on these important subjects and then proceeded to prove his theories in a practical manner by performing a beautifully conceived card act full of originality, and faultlessly presented. Working seated at a card table, using only a pack of cards, a birthday book and a penknife, a helper found the name of his chosen card written at the side of his birth date. Stabbing the pack with the blade of the penknife two selected cards were found. Five previously chosen cards were found using a variety of methods. A gambling routine followed, with an interesting story. Four cards then changed their back patterns several times finally turning into Jokers. We are not absolutely sure what happened next but a visual recap took place in which all the cards involved in the previous effects were produced to be climaxed by the entire pack changing, every card have a different back design.

What followed was a catestrophe. A beautiful illusion was destroyed as Alex generously explained every detail of this superb act and we shall never again be able to sit back and just marvel. We shall always be conscious of the nuts and bolts and regret that we were present at the expose. Maybe others think differently and argue that we were given something on which to build greater magic. Our only hope is that we are around to see it. It could be quite something.

Seriously, we wonder if the time has arrived when magic has become too cheap and someone with inventiveness and performing ability should decide to keep his secrets secret and fool magicians-and let them stay fooled. Maybe somewhere there is another John Ramsay. We hope so.

Many of the older generation will remember FAUCETT ROSS, a modest, retiring gentleman who accompanied 'Professor' Dai Vernon on his first visit to Britain. Last year Ross Bertram arranged a 'do' in his honour which captured the headlines in his local press, and sent us the cuttings which reported his life of magic and that he had written a book. MAGIC with FAUCETT has now been published and contains some Vernon material and a section on card magic.

We also hear that a book by Francis Carlyle is near publication, and will be handled by Ken Brooke in this country. Very little of this performers material has appeared in print. Put this among your list of 'MUSTS'.

We regret the following error which occurred in Mark Scudiery's 'Faro Felon' in the April issue. "Step 5 should read 'Strip out the upper half which contains the selection and drop them face down on top of the cards in the left hand. Now cut at the break and the selection will be the 25th card in the fifty card deck." Kevin Fox also writes that a mistake occurred in 'We'll Ring You' in the May issue. The third sentence in the third paragraph on page 102 should read, "Slip cut onto the table and put the packet in the right hand into the left covering the coin. Pick up the tabled packet with the right hand, fingers at the outer end and thumb at the inner end. The left thumb now pulls the exposed Ace of Spades off the right hand packet onto the packet held in the left hand." End of correction. Disregard the remainder of this paragraph except the description of the slip cup. We promise to be more careful in the future.

A little something to think about until next month. The billing matter advertised "Professor X. One hour of magic and entertainment". Having been booked and completed his turn of one hour, the chairman announced that the Professor would now give his entertainment. Remembered from a very old Sphinx.


PftÈPpinto showgirl



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Fundamentals of Magick

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