3 key chain type coin purses . . . crossed catch type (with link chain . . not snake chain).

3 pieces of paper money.

If you open the purse and take the second link (see arrow) in chain and place it between the "jaws" (see X) of the purse and snap the purse shut, the purse will look something like Fig. 1 No-one will notice this except you. The late Duke Stern called this a fantastic new principle. If someone opens the purse and then shuts it, Fig. 2 changes to Fig.l . . a very subtle difference but the key (pun intended) to this beautiful mystery.

If three purses are set as in fig 1 and a spectator opens one secretly and shuts' it again ... it ain't no secret to you as to which one he opened. He can shuffle or jumble them around so that he doesn't know which is which What? Won't the chain come loose in the jumbling process? No way! You can adjust the crossed .catches at the top of the purses so that there's no chance of the link being ripped off (pun \again intended).

The basic routine involves placing a bill in each purse and setting the purses. Give the spectator an I.O.U. and instruct him to, while your back is turned, to remove a bill from one of the purses, replacing it with the I.O.U

jumbling them up before he asks you to turn back around. Ask him to lay them out in a row in front of you. Glimpse the missing link and bring the trick to its obvious conclusion. . .which includes getting your money back from the spectator.

As for the discovery part of the trick, you can use "Laser Beam", "Beam Shot", a burglar alarm made like both of the above, a dowsing rod, a magnifying glass (looking for fingerprints) complete with Sherlock Holmes hat and pipe, or just your own sensitive fingers, hovering above, but not touching, the purses.

The point is that if you don't dramatise it a bit, it's little more than a puzzle. . .albeit a good one.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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