You will require for this effect a printed invoice as shown and to call yourself a company — mine is Dreamawhile Ltd. Get your tame printer to use a paper which duplicates a carbon copy. With a ballpoint pen write as follows leaving a space at the end of the first three lines.

After ITEM -Now in stock

After COLOUR — As requested

After DELIVERY — Immediate, subject to contract. After REMARKS — With many thanks for your co-operation.

Fill in the appropriate date, and sign your own name at the bottom.

It is now necessary to fold the invoice leaving the space left at the end of the lines exposed. With the invoice, printed side towards you fold back the top third of the sheet. Do likewise with the bottom third and finally the fold in half, the left side going to the rear. It is on the lines visible that you 'fill' in your subjects wishes when pretending to write on your check card.

You will also require two blank pieces of card fractionally larger than the folded invoice. On one of these you scribble, reading downwards, item, colour, price, and delivery. In addition to acting as a memory jog you can let it be seen that you have been writing? on the card. You will also need a wallet with envelopes set up as described by Le Paul or any other suitable arrangement with which you may be acquainted that allows the folded invoice to be loaded into an envelope that is inside a wallet. A version of Le Paul's method is explained in 'Expert Card Mysteries' by Alton Sharpe.

With the wallet set up and in the pocket, a ballpoint pen to hand the only other preparation needed is the arrangement of the two cards and the folded invoice.

First put the card on which you have written, writing side uppermost, on your left palm, and on top of this card the invoice with the space on which you are going to write uppermost, and on top of all the blank card.

You will also require a 'Boon' writer, which like the blank card has very little to do with the N.C.R. routine. Prior to performing this routine it is necessary to perform some effect which requires that something to be secretly written on the blank card with the Boon. When that effect is concluded this card is scaled out to the audience to verify your prediction, or whatever. You are now ready for N.C.R.

No doubt most readers could manage to work out what happens next without any explanation, but a few pointers gathered during many performances of this effect may prove helpful.

After peforming the previous effect the invoice is exposed (not to the audience) and you write the lady's wishes directly onto the invoice on the appropriate lines. Make certain beforehand that the ink in your ballpoint matches what you have prewritten. Nothing is written when the lady answers the last question, "^Vhen would you like it?" You immediately take the card into the right hand, leaving the invoice hidden in the left. As you hold up the card in the right hand to recap the left dives under the coat and loads the invoice into the envelope and comes out with the wallet before you have finished recapping. This is very important. When you ask the lady to step up to receive the invoice assist her to unfold it, recreasing it slightly to aid her reading it, at the same time preventing the liklihood of it being refolded as before and possibly giving a partial clue to the secret.

The subject of this effect is not important — what is important, is that you have not left them with a CARBON copy.

Any person is asked to name the first playing card that comes to mind then write it down on a piece of paper. You crumple it into a ball then ask him to drop it into your drink. Shortly the paper vanishes and the name of the card rises to the top of the glass papier

Available soon

Still the greatest little gimmick in the world boon

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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