In the book Paul Curry Presents there is an excellent effect entitled Mission Incredible. This is particularly effective when it follows a previous effect called The Problem of Thirteen. Unfortunately Mission Incredible requires something more than a normal pack. In the version to be described any pack may be used.

The thirteen cards of any one suit, say spades, are face up on the table in order from ace to king after performing the previous effect. During the introductory patter face the rest of the pack, that is, turn the bottom half of the pack face up. Pick up the packet of thirteen spades and drop it face down onto the top of pack. Look at the spectators and enquire if they know what card is on top of the pack. Regardless of their answer deal the top card, the King of Spades, face down onto the table, and as it is being turned face up secretly turn the pack over bringing the remaining spades face up at the bottom of the pack. Replace the King face down on top of the pack and as you say "Thirteen spades altogether" count off the top thirteen cards reversing them in the process and place the rest of pack onto the table. Square up the thirteen cards which the audience believe to be the complete suit of spades, but really only contains the King which is on the bottom of the packet. Overhand shuffle the packet retaining the King at the bottom by pressure of the left finger tips, and finally shuffle the King to the top of the packet. Spread the thirteen cards face down onto the table. Pick up the rest of the pack which is held in the left hand as the right pulls a face down card from the spread saying "If I choose one card from these I have mixed up, what is the chance of it being the Ace?" Place the King face down onto the top of the pack without exposing its face and continue to patter, "Of course you may think I have kept track of the Ace so I did not guess. But suppose I asked you to pick out each card in order what would be the odds against you succeeding. Please push out a card which you think might be the two." As this is being done palm the King from the top of the pack with the right hand, which still retains its hold on pack gripping it between the thumb at the inner end and the fingers at the outer end. This manner of holding the pack is similar to the one used when doing the one hand top palm or the Biddle move and ^oes not appear unnatural particularly in the context of this action when the left hand is occupied taking the cards as they are pushed out by the spectator, and it is required that they be placed onto the top of the pack. When the spectator has pushed what he guesses to be the two out of the spread it is taken with the left hand and placed on top of pack held in the right hand. The arched condition of the right hand with the King palmed in no way effects this action. Continue having the spectator push out cards as you call out three, four, etc and keep placing them on top of the pack until only one card remains on the table, and as you say "King" he pushes it forward and you pick it up, put it on top of the pack and in squaring the cards let the palmed King fall onto the top of the pack.

Look at the spectator and say, "Would you be surprised if that last card was the King?" Again deal the King face down onto the table inviting the spectator to turn it face up. As he does so and finds the King, secretly turn over the pack which brings the remaining twelve spades to the top. You will usually have time to right the faced pack at this point as the misdirection is very strong as the spectator turns over the King. Having righted the pack spread it across the table face down. Finally turn the cards over slowly one at a time revealing that the spectator is turning over the King, count the top twelve cards face down onto the table as you say "If you were correct that would be the Queen, the Jack, ten, etc and so on until the Ace is reached which you turn face up, and saying, "I was right with the Ace, how well did you do?" Have him turn the twelve cards face up one at a time, and as he does so you have ample time to right the faced pack, and spread them on the table to conclude a simple but very effective trick.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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