Miracle Matchstick Missile

Cards in case standing on edge Match with head wrapped in foil

Spectator selects a card from the deck and remembers it (you hope!). He replaces the card and puts the deck back into the case.

Magician fires a matchstick 'bazooka' at the deck and when spectator examines his selected card it is found to have a hole burnt right through it.


Take a duplicate of the Two of Hearts and burn a neat round hole in it. Place this card third last from the bottom of the deck. Place the undamaged Two of Hearts fifth card down from the top of the deck. Have a box of 'friendly' matches (the red ones) in your pocket and a piece of gold foil from a cigarette packet handy.


The unfaked Two of Hearts is forced by placing the pack in front of a spectator and inviting him to cut the pack into five nearly equal heaps. Watch where he puts the heap which contains the top five cards of pack, and hand him this heap and ask him to deal one card face down onto the top of the other four heaps. He is now asked to look at the next card and remember it (this will be the 2H). Put all the heaps together and let him push his selected card into the middle. Bring this card to the top and palm it off. Hand him the pack and ask him to return it to the case. As he does so, go to your pocket and bring out the matchbox leaving the palmed card in the pocket.

Take two matches from the box and close it, placing it on the table near one edge. Wrap one match head very tightly in a small piece of gold foil (about one and a half inches by two inches). Place this prepared match flat on the box with the head protruding over the side about half an inch. Place the deck of cards standing on its edge about nine inches away from the matchbox and light the other match. Hold it under the wrapped head of the match on the box. After a few seconds the 'bazooka' match will suddenly explode with a nice flash and bang, and will fly towards the pack of cards.

When the spectator opens the card case and finds his card he will discover it has a hole burnt through it.

des colgan

Cards in case standing on edge Match with head wrapped in foil


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Fundamentals of Magick

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