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If the Spectator thinks of the 3 or 4 Remove selection from fan, square cards and turn them face down. Emsley Count showing four blue backed cards.

If Spectator thinks of the Ace, Two or Five Remove selection from fan and arrange cards so that the two red backed cards are at the bottom (cards are face up). Pull off the top two cards (Hindu Shuffle) flashing the red back of the bottom card. The remaining two red backed cards can be shown fairly on both sides. Although the effect has been illustrated with Ace to Five of Spades, the method can be adopted to other five card versions for example, Dai Vernon's Five card mental force.


John Calvert informs us that he will be appearing at the Collegiate Theatre, Jan 7th to 11th. This is the week following the Magic Circle Christmas show at the same theatre. John has been a good friend to magicians during his stay here and the many who have enjoyed his hospitality on 'The Magic Castle' can return the compliment by taking their friends to see his excellent show.


THANKS TO PEPYS Bob Read £2.50

Anyone seeking a routine of practical magic entertaining to magicians and laymen alike, which can be performed under any conditions with a minimum of preparation this book will fulfil their requirements. Having seen the author perform many times at lectures, conventions, in restaurants and bars using this material your reviewer is in a position to'guarantee the effectiveness and practicality of the entire contents. There are no pipe dreams or padding, and the preparation prior to performance is minimal. Neither is it necessary to pick a spot in which to perform. Just wade in wherever you are standing.

The value of the book is in the choice of suitable effects and the accompanying bits of business gags, and one-liners. Ten tricks described are:- The penetration of a handkerchief through the handle of a beer mug, Coins across, vanish of four coins from a handkerchief and their subsequent appearance, the production of a bottle of wine, knife through coat, all backs, and the hats and corks. The bottle of wine production is undoubtedly the highspot and the reader who adds this to his repertoire will have an item worth considerably more than the cost of the book.

Everything has been made easy for the reader working on the effects — the moves and description being on the left hand page and the patter, which includes over one hundred one-liners, on the opposite page and in line with the moves it accompanies. There are fifty photographs bound into the book plus a duplicate loose set, an arrangement making it possible to have the description, patter, and illustrations in view at the same time.

If you are one of the many who have felt the need for an entertaining impromptu magic act and have not got around to it this may be the book"for which you have been waiting.

TEN THOUGHTS ON CLOSE-UP Patrick Page (L.Davenport & Co.) 80p. 3 dollars US inc airmail

When someone with the practical experience of Pat Page decides to release some of his thoughts on tricks one can be assured that the material is of value and the seven pages of typescript giving ten of his 'thoughts' on different effects will enable most purchasers with some experience to add to or improve on one or more effects in their close-up repertoire.

There is a climax to Vernon's SPELLBOUND, a novel production of a single coin, a new effect in which a cigarette lighter passes through the table, a switch of several coins with the aid of a purse and a sponge ball move. For the Cardman a very good double under-cut a variation on Larry Jenning's OPEN TRAVELLERS, a four ace and colour change combined, and an unexpected appearance of a previously selected card. Over the years we have seen all the above effects performed and can recommend it to performers of close-up tricks who have some facility with basic sleights.

ENTERTAINING WITH ESP Tony 'Doc' Shiels (David & Charles) £2.95

This book on sale to the general public is for the enthusiastic amateur who wishes to entertain his family and friends. To this end some thirty effects are explained. There are in addition seven pages on presentation and a small bibliography of books and magazines on mental magic. Inevitably there are exposures of magical principles and these include forcing, one ahead, mnemonics, and contact mindreading. No mention is made of the swami gimmick, centre tear or impression methods.

The actual effects are of an elementary nature and it is unlikely that any non-magician will connect the secrets contained in this book with the effects being performed by mentalists of the calibre of David Berglas, Maurice Fogel, Kreskin etc. In fact, the unsophisticated will probably conclude that they do possess paranormal powers.

The knowledgeable magician will not find much in the way of secrets that he does not already know, but the chapter of Presentation may quite well prove to be of value.

The reader who has no prior knowledge of the methods used by mentalists will be unable to separate fact from fiction. He is informed that the hoary old sex-dector, and the ability to find a hidden thimble by contact mindreading is evidence of genuine PSI. Furthermore the author claims to have bent coins and thimbles without touching them, and without a shade of hocus-pocus. We look forward to the time when some young reader of this book achieves a high rate of success in finding the hidden thimble, and becomes the subject of intensive tests by some eminent (?) professor, (and the author of this book is the recipient of the £5000 currently being offered bv David Berglas).

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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