Fig.3 Performer's View

levering the left hand pen up into view in a pop-up action.

And the whole process is repeated.

That is all there is to it, in performance both hands go to the pockets together — the right hand stealing a pen into load position — the left hand displays the other pen at the position as Fig.3 — the left hand pen is removed from the right as explained — loading its hidden pen into the left fingers at the same time and so the continuous production continues.


Over the years one hears that certain actions aire harmful to magic. Exposures, bad performances, too many performers doing tricks or routines that are similar etc., etc. The reality is, nothing can harm magic any more than musicians can hurt music. What is really meant is that the actions of some magicians can act against the interests of others. The person who photo-copies material currently available is reducing the sales of the dealer who has them for sale. Such persons may even claim that by making information freely (!) available they are advancing the art by circulating secrets more widely. Performers who steal the acts of others tend to cheapen the acts of the originators and so the list goes on.

There is another kind of thief, which in plain words is what they are, the professional il one. Not performers, but the dealers who wait on the side lines ready to copy original items immediately they appear on the market, or even before, if they can get the necessary knowledge regarding the effect. You may think this is a problem which only affects the dealers who are the victims of this unethical practice. You would be quite wrong, it affects everyone who from time to time purchases original material, only to find that before long every Tom, Dick and Harry is working it on their patch, having purchased it at about half the original price from some dealer who copied the original thus escaping the production costs and as is usual with such copies, inferior apparatus and workmanship, there is little wonder he is able to charge less.

The above is self evident but there is one other way these practices affect the intending purchasers of new tricks which is more obscure and not generally realised. One dealer who advertises less than a hundred yards from our back page has tricks which he will not put out because of these dealers.

Who is the loser? Is the time coming when dealers who specialise in producing original effects which are well made just advertise that they have a trick for sale without giving the effect away? It may be that such dealers will budget to produce a trick at a relatively higher price for sale to selected customers who will have something they know will escape the pirates for a little longer. You will then have to pay more for your tricks or be content with mass produced junk on sale in some supermarket devoted to children's toys.

Also near to the interest of our readers and with the creation of original effects and moves with cards, in particular the name most likely to come to mind is that of Ed. Mario whose contributions in print are truly prodigious. Another, Larry Jennings has also been responsible for some excellent plots which have an appealing freshness of method and approach. Accepting that both gentlemen are blessed with above average gifts of original talent we were surprised to receive a letter from the latter claiming he originated, and had been performing, 'Spectator Cuts to Locate the Aces' which appeared in the April issue credited to Ed. Mario. We promised to mention it and not wishing to enliven our pages with personal controversies will have nothing further to say, other than to offer Ed. Mario the opportunity to reply if he so desires.

From Holland, Michigan, on his regular annual visit Barrie Richardson who specialises in mental and memory feats (a couple of which have appeared in this magazine with more to come). He is full of praise for the 'Professor' having recently been to one of his lectures which lasted all of six hours. On his visit last year Barrie collected about twenty inches of column space, accompanied by an action picture, in the Sunday Telegraph by performing the Knight's Tour in the record time of seven minutes thirty seconds with his back to the chess board.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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